What are the signs of a mature person?

What are the signs of a mature person?
What are the signs of a mature person?

        A large number of people in society consider themselves very mature. In fact, in the opinion of mental health experts, they are all immature, and they are not even as good as some people who have just entered society or have not entered society.
         If you had the following signs, you must be immature.
        1. Spend all day on the Internet, but don't know what to do.
        The most common phrase is 'boring', even though they spend a lot of time chatting online.
        2. Impetuous, good at predicting the unknown and jumping to conclusions.
        For the movies and TV series that they have watched, can't wait to reveal the next episode or ending to others. Lengthy, mostly critical, opinions based on a little bit of information about things they don't understand. Unreasonably impatient with authority, but never open to challenge, only keen to influence a few people around, and has a strong desire to be recognized. If they can't do what they want, they won't speak anymore, some people will be furious, and others will be puzzled.
        3. Thin and not fond of sports
        Ridiculing a strong man, fear of muscle and strength. Advocating neutral beauty and morbid beauty in aesthetics.
        4. Negative, refusing to grow up
        They don't like being called mature. Impatient to discuss some practical issues with elders, disgusted with politics, and disgusted to participate in social entertainment in the presence of elders. Responsible things make them feel anxious and helpless.
        Then what are the signs of a mature person?
        1. Have the courage to take responsibility. The first step to maturity is to have the courage to take responsibility.
        2. Be confident at all times. A mature person will not be lamenting themselves because they are inferior to others in what aspects. Always be able to criticize himself, clearly understand his weaknesses, and then he will spend energy to improve his weaknesses.
        3. Deal with money worries. Eighty percent of people's troubles are related to money. A mature person should have a set of money management methods to improve their economic situation. If your work income is not high, based on increasing your work income, you should open up a side business and increase your income. In daily life, develop the habit of keeping accounts, spending wisely, and letting your money reflect the highest value. Also, never gamble.


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