What are the negative effects of prolonged sitting on the body?

What are the negative effects of prolonged sitting on the body?
What are the negative effects of prolonged sitting on the body?

        In recent years, the research on the influence of prolonged sitting is gradually increased. More and more experiments and data show that the longer the time of prolonged sitting, the lower the quality of life, and the more unhealthy.
        In one analysis study, compared to those who have the least sitting and the longest-sitting person, the latter suffering from diabetes and heart disease is twice to the former. Sitting more than 7 hours per day, women suffer from depression, and the risk is 47% higher than the daily 4 hours or less.
         How does sitting for a long time affect the body?
        1. Prolonged sitting will affect the lower body blood circulation
        After sitting down, the blood circulation of our lower body will be affected, and there is blood slowing down, and some organ health of the body is affected. Especially if the kidney will have a certain impact because the sedentariness will not only affect the lower half of the blood circulation, but also affect the blood circulation of the kidney, there will be calf edema, and there will be frequent urination. In addition, sedentary people, often appear the phenomenon of holding in urine, this is more adverse to kidney health, and over time there may be a decline in kidney function.
        2. It will cause abdominal obesity
        Sedentary will increase the fat of the abdomen. Because the sedentary people do not like activities, the lower body blood circulation is affected, and the body's fat metabolism will be affected. Even the metabolism of the whole body will slow down, the abdominal fat will be easy to accumulate, affecting the health.
        3. Impact digestive absorption
        Some people sit for a whole day because of work or learning, which will cause the body's gastrointestinal peristaltic speed to slow down, and it is easy to get digestive absorption for a long time. It is prone to constipation, and the body is fat.
        4. Waist disease
        Sitting for a long time will lead to excessive weight bearing in the waist, causing lumbar disc herniation.
        5. Cervical disease
        If you don't pay attention to your posture when reading a book, watching the computer, watching the phone, there will be cervical spondylosis after keeping your head down for a long time, and the head cannot obtain sufficient blood to supply oxygen, causing dizziness, headache, body symptoms such as fatigue.
        Recommend several sports to do
        1. Do a few push-ups
        Adhere to the push-ups to improve the resistance, because, in the process of doing push-ups, the body's blood circulation can be improved, and there is enough blood, and the nutrients are provided to each part of the body, to maintain physical health, this will also harvest the benefit.
        2. Deep squatting
        The squat is very good to promote the lower body blood circulation. In the process of squatting, pay attention to slowly, the speed is fast, and it is easy to hurt the waist. Every day, I can get 20 ~ 40 times, and I can improve the blood circulation of the lower body, may wish to do it.

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