How to strengthen Spleen Qi?

Moxibustion to regulate the spleen and stomach

    The spleen and stomach are the postnatal foundation, and whether the spleen and stomach functions are normal, directly affects the strength of the body. The function of the spleen and stomach is mainly reflected in the role of Qi movement, then strengthen spleen Qi and stomach Qi is important.

    The food enters the stomach, and after the initial digestion of the stomach, it descends into the small intestine for further digestion and absorption, and closely cooperates with the spleen's transport, transformation and transfer functions to complete its replacement effect.

Deficiency and Cold of Spleen and Stomach

The function of the spleen to transport and transform water and valley is normal, and it can provide sufficient nutrients for essence, qi, blood and body fluid, so that the viscera, vessel, limbs and body are fully nourished. If the function of the spleen to transport and transform water and valley decreases, the body's digestion and absorption function obstacles will occur, leading to clinical causes of gastric failure, which not only affects appetite, but also causes bad breath, nausea, belching, abdominal distension, loose stools, loss of appetite, weight loss, and insufficient blood.

1. Treatment object:
People with functional dyspepsia, climate change or improper diet are prone to abdomen uncomfortable, and there is no obvious organic lesions after inspection.

2. Adapt to symptoms:
Frequent abdominal distension, belching, hiccups, constipation, loss of appetite,orr loose stools, excited appetite.

Which acupoints should be moxibustion?

Consider moxibustion at Zhongwan, Shenque, Guanyuan, Pishu, Weishu, Zusanli. Here for everyone's reference, everyone's actual situation is different. When moxibustion, choose acupoint moxibustion according to actual symptoms.

Let us introduce the positions of these moxibustion points separately:

1. Zhongwan Point

Location: Zhongwan Point is located on the upper abdomen, on the front midline, 4 cun above the middle of the umbilicus.

2. Shenque point

Location: Shenque point is located in the middle of the abdomen and the center of the umbilicus.

3. Guanyuan Point

Location: Guanyuan point is located in the lower abdomen, on the front midline, 3 cun below the umbilicus.

4. Pishu Point

Location: Pishu point is located at back, under the eleventh spinous process, 1.5 cun laterally away.

5. Weishu Point

Location: Weishu point is located at back, under the spinous twelfh process, 1.5 cun laterally.

6. Zusanli Point

Location: Zusanli point is located on the front and outer side of the calf, 3 cun below the calf's nose, and a transverse finger from the front of the upper and lower bones.

Method of moxibustion:

Gentle moxibustion for Guanyuan, Zhongwan, Zusanli, Weishu, Pishu, moxibustion with a 3-5 cm distance from the skin with moxa sticks, moxibustion for each point of Guanyuan and Zhongwan for 5-10 minutes, Zusanli, Pishu, each point moxibustion for 10-15 minutes, moxibustion until the local skin is burning and ruddy, moxibustion once a day.

The method of moxibustion with salt:

Moxibustion on Shenque point separated by salt, take Shenque acupoints, fill the umbilical fossa with salt, put ginger slices on top, moxibustion with moxa rolls on top of ginger slices, light moxa rolls, 3 to 5 rolls once time, moxibustion once a day.

Chinese medicine claims to be human-oriented, and the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood . If a person's spleen and stomach function is normal and the five internal organs function is relatively normal, then his body will be strong and powerful. If the spleen and stomach function is poor, then the body will be slightly weak. Therefore, spleen and stomach conditioning is mainly based on invigorating the kidney and spleen and stomach. In the choice, Weishu point is the stomach's point on back, which is the qi infusion site of the stomach vessel, and has the function of directly regulating the stomach organs. It is often used in conjunction with Pishu when treating it.