5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

Do you plan to move around the US any time soon but need professionals to assist you with the process? There are various services in the US offering moving services, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. 

You’ll find several service providers, but they aren’t the same, which is why we have shortlisted the top 5 ones for your reference. We’ll also categorize them for you, so let’s begin.

  1.     NearbyMovers- Best Overall
  2.       International Van Lines- Best Scalable Services
  3.       Allied Van Lines- Affordable Rates
  4.       United Van Lines-  Best for Full-Service Moves 
  5.       North American Van Lines- The best option for Shipment Tracking

1.      NearbyMovers

5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

Nearby Movers is a moving company that has gained popularity over a brief period thanks to its unique services and professional offerings. They have widespread services making it one of the most versatile moving companies available in the US. Their professionals are currently offering their services in 51 states around the US. These include the following;

  •         Alaska
  •         Alabama
  •         Arkansas
  •         Arizona
  •         California
  •         Colorado
  •         Connecticut

A variety of features have allowed NearbyMovers to become a favorite for customers in the US. They have streamlined services, allowing clients in need of relocations to get instant information access.

They also have an online website, allowing clients to connect with professionals and hire them for relocations easily. For more information and details, click here.

Service Features

Ø  Professional services to hire

Ø  Support across different US locations to cover clients all over the country

Ø  Easy to hire services, even if it’s your first time

Ø  Variety of professionals to connect with every time you wish to relocate

Ø  Exceptional customer services targeted to assist clients round the clock.

2.      International Van Lines

5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

International Van Lines (IVL) is another viable pick for customers looking for a good moving company. The service has several commendable features, such as competitive rates and a variety of services, making it a good option.

The company caters to a larger audience and thus has scalable service options including:

  •         Full-service
  •         Partial-service
  •         Self-service

You can choose between these service options, regardless of the distance to your destination. The company has its clients covered in every way possible.

Service Features

Ø  Packing and unpacking

Ø  Specialty services for  antiques

Ø  Special features for storage

3.      Allied Van Lines

5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

Allied Van Lines has one of the largest service networks with over 500 agents nationwide, making it a comprehensive e-moving service for anywhere in the US. Their services are best for you, whether for a nearby or international destination.

Allied Van Lines offers the best tools and options to streamline your relocation need with the best offerings such as:

  •         Vehicle shipping
  •         specialty item shipping
  •         Shipment tracking
  •         Online price quotes
  •         No required deposits
  •         Full-service packing options
  •         Available moving supplies

These offerings have allowed the company to grow into one of the most viable options for your next move. You can contact their robust customer support and hire them today.

The service has been in the industry for quite some years and knows customers’ needs. Therefore, you can cancel your moving request free of cost if the process hasn’t started. The company offers amazing insurance options, ensuring your valuables reach their destination in one piece.

Service Features

Ø  Good quality customer support

Ø  National and international moving services

Ø  Wide variety of service modes and special offerings

Ø  Ability to cancel if the relocation hasn’t started

4.      United Van Lines

 5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

United Van Lines is the next on our list thanks to their customer-oriented services for making client experiences easier. You can seek assistance from over 300 agent providers and get the job done regardless of the distance to the destination.

UVL has a long range of special features that make it a viable option for your next hiring. These include:

  •         Vehicle Transportation
  •         Three moving insurance choices
  •         Shipment tracking via the website
  •         Full-service packing
  •         Door-to-door convenience

The service is currently operating in over 46 states; however, you don’t get the service option for the following locations

  •         Hawaii
  •         Rhode Island
  •         Vermont
  •         West Virginia.

The best part is that the service offers deposit-free relocations, with penalty-free up cancellations if the process hasn’t started. The company also has a special Snapmoves container shipping program for smaller relocations.

Service Features

Ø  Multi-Location Support

Ø  Round-the-clock Services

Ø  Special Snapmoves Container for small shipments

Ø  Easy hiring and termination/cancellation process.

5.        North American Van Lines 

5 Best Movers Near Me in the US

Lastly, North American Van Lines is the final service on our list. There’s a variety of offerings you can benefit from. For starters, the company is available everywhere and is currently providing local and international moves around the US and the North American area.

The company has a wide network of over 500 agents with some of the most trusted partners at your service whenever you need them.

Service Features

Ø  Scalable moving options

Ø  Team of 500 agents ready for assistance

Ø  Good quality moving        


What should a Good Moving Service have?

A good moving service should offer the following:

  •         Round-the-clock service
  •         Easy hiring and termination policies
  •         Versatile services and location

Where Can I find all these services?

You can find detailed reviews about these moving services on NearbyMover’s website and read their movers’ reviews.


Hiring a service for moving in the US is daunting if you hire the wrong one. We recommend hiring the companies featured in this article for a hassle-free move. Each of these companies has unique features which will make your moving process easier. If you are looking for professional movers, do check out a moving company like NearbyMovers to save your effort and time.