What are the benefits of using a low coffee table?

What are the benefits of using a low coffee table?
What are the benefits of using a low coffee table?

        Every piece of furniture has its design basis. The low coffee table belongs to the living room, and the use of the living room is not only for drinking coffee, but also for gathering, chatting, reading, and resting.
        The height of the low coffee table is usually no lower than 38 cm, and the height is no higher than 55 cm. Just imagine, if a person is lying on the sofa watching TV, the height of the sofa cushion is about 40 cm, and the low coffee table is too high, which will affect people's sight. Think about it again. Generally, our living room is not large, but the volume of the sofa is not small. If the low coffee table is also a tall object, the height will increase the bulky characteristics. Then all the furniture in the living room will be visually behemoth, and it will be a bit scary to think about the visual effect.
        If the coffee table is too high, the sofa is hidden behind, and the sofa is always small. When the coffee table is low, the sofa sticks out, which is very comfortable and makes people want to lie down. People tend to lean forward in their sitting positions, and the height of the coffee table determines that the atmosphere of the conversation is more relaxed, rather than negotiating as the table is high.
        Of course, there are many small units, and there is no space to meet the area of ​​the independent restaurant. Then you might as well consider superimposing the functions of the living room and the dining room, and eat on the low coffee table. Such a low low coffee table would be very frustrating. If the tabletop of the low coffee table can be lifted, it will instantly become a simple dining table, or even a small computer work table, which can be restored to its original position after eating or working. Perfect for a small family of 2.


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