College dorm party, not want to go, how to say?

College dorm party, not want to go, how to say?
College dorm party, not want to go, how to say?

        There are many kinds of dinner parties at the college. Except for the college dorm party, if you join a club, you have to have a dinner party at some festivals. Such a dinner party depends on your wishes and whether you are familiar with the people in the club before you choose to participate, there is a saying called some useless social networking, which is a waste of time, so we have to choose some suitable dinner parties according to our situation, please go to participate.
        When they are in college, some people will join some clubs, and these clubs will have a newcomer dinner when they first join, and they will also organize a dinner party in the middle of the semester, and they will come back to the end of the semester. Organize a dinner party. In this way, there are three dinner parties in a semester, basically once a month.
        College dorm parties are also frequent, if you don't want to go, I think you should tell them politely. Because for the classmates' reunion in the university dormitory, the whole dormitory usually has to go, so if we don't want to go, I think we should find a reason, for example, we are going to study, or What kind of things we have delayed, and then let them go is the best, but if we have some time, I think they may not believe it, so we should still mutual respect for such things.
        1. What should we say about such a thing?
        Then I think we should make rational judgments about such things because we are going to live together for several years, so for such friendship, I think we should still respect and cherish, otherwise, That is, if they want to go to the class reunion, I think we should go there. If there is something we don't want to go to, I think we should go, and politely refuse like this. For example, we have some things that may lead to We can't go to this party because of this, so I think it's better to tell them so that they can understand your suffering.
        2. How should we alleviate the friendship between the dormitory classmates.
        Then I think, about how to alleviate this kind of friendship between the dormitory classmates, because first of all, if we talk to them and tell them that I don't want to go, then, in fact, they may not call us again next time. So I think it is also very important to have a small social relationship in a dormitory, so I think, no matter what, we should tell them euphemistically, not directly, so this can be effective It is also very good to ease the friendship of the dormitory classmates, and sometimes it is also very good to go to the movies or go to the park together. Such behaviors can promote friendship between classmates.

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