Fish with big lips: where does it live?

Fish with big lips: where does it live?
Fish with big lips: where does it live?

        People always look for facial features and contours similar to themselves in nature, trying to explore the origin of human beings, or supplemented by special supernatural imaginations. Now, photos of fishing goods taken by a fisherman are circulating on the Internet, just like human beings. The fish with big lips, combined with flush teeth that differ from the fangs of most fish, immediately sparked a lot of discussion on the Internet.
        The mermaid's photo went viral when netizens tweeted, 'Her lips are sexier than mine! '. But the shape of the lip and teeth of this fish is too human-like, not like the fangs and thin-lipped fish mouths commonly seen in fish markets, so it immediately caused a lot of retweets and personal opinions from netizens.
        This kind of human mouth fish is a triggerfish commonly found in the waters near Malaysia, and this fish is regarded by divers as more terrifying than sharks because they have a strong sense of the field and often hide near coral reefs, divers may be attacked if they get too close or stray or even meet their breeding season.
        However, it is not uncommon for people to capture such triggerfish with human teeth.
        Triggerfish is a kind of puffer fish, which is the collective name of about 40 species of shallow-water marine fish in the family Lepidoptera, which are widely distributed in tropical oceans. Triggerfish get their name from the fact that their 1st and 2nd dorsal fin spines resemble triggers, and the smaller 2nd dorsal fin spine must be released before the relatively large first fin spine can be depressed. Triggerfish have spiny scales that make them very recognizable, and their opposing and nearly symmetrical dorsal and anal fins exhibit flexible, wavy movements, which are their primary swimming propulsion mechanism. Many species have amazing color patterns and live in coral reefs.

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