Power waxer: The using method

Power waxer: The using method
Power waxer: The using method

        Car waxing can be a popular option for friends who pay attention to car care. However, it is more expensive if you frequently visit the 4S shop. It is cheaper to purchase an electric power waxer than to have it done by someone else.
        How to use a power waxer
        1. Before you apply wax (liquid wax), make sure to cover the waxed sponge disc with wax. Then, wrap the spiral around the outer circle and place it in the middle. Apply it for a long period if it's a solid wax.
        2. To finish, press the waxed rubber sponge on the surface of the paint. The waxed sponge must be placed before the machine can start. Otherwise, it is easy to scatter wax everywhere. It is possible to cause damage to your power waxer using eccentric vibration.
        3. Blocks are best for waxing. Use one side to cover the area horizontally, and the other side to cover it vertically. Next, move on to block 2. It is important to note that the general-power waxer does not require you to apply crowd pressure while waxing. Simply hold onto the machine, follow the direction, and move at the same speed.
        4. After you have finished waxing, you should switch to a fresh polishing disc (most commonly a wool polishing circle). Finally, polish the wax surface. The process is almost identical to waxing. For polishing, a high-speed gear is recommended if the speed of the waxer can easily be adjusted.
        Four steps can be used to use an electric power waxer. After you have read the manual carefully and believe it will work.



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