Healthy reviews: Is it a scam? reviews: Is it a scam?

        If you want to find an online store that sells body freedom products, you may have come across This website claims to sell a variety of body freedom products, ranging from clothes to accessories. But there are many red flags that make us question whether this website is legitimate or not.
        1. Lack of company information
        When you visit, you will notice that there is very little information about the company itself. There is no About Us page or contact information. This lack of transparency is always a red flag, as it makes it difficult to determine who is behind the website and whether they can be trusted.
        2. Suspicious domain name
        Another red flag is the website's domain name. The ".com" extension is typically used by commercial websites, while ".org" or ".net" are more common for organizations or non-profit websites. However, uses a ".info" extension, which is typically used for informational websites. This may be an indication that is not a legitimate commercial website.
        3. Questionable product claims
        Another reason to be suspicious of is the claims made about their products. The website claims that its products can help you "achieve the body you've always wanted" and "look and feel your best." These are very bold claims, and we would like to see some evidence to support them before we believe them.
        4. No customer reviews
       On the other hand, the most important thing to look for when evaluating an online store is customer reviews. The reviews can give you a good idea of what other people have experienced with the website and its products. Unfortunately, does not have any customer reviews that we could find. This is yet another red flag, as it makes it difficult to know whether this website is worth your time and money.
        Based on the information gathered by us, we would not recommend doing business with There are so many red flags and questionable claims for us to feel comfortable recommending them. If you are looking for body freedom products, we suggest you find a different website that is more trustworthy.
        Are there other legit websites for the service?
        There may be other websites that sell body freedom products, but we cannot say for sure whether or not they are legitimate. We would recommend doing your own research to find a website that you can trust.