Vietnam COVID-19 cases hit a record high for 2 days

Vietnam COVID-19 cases hit a record high for 2 days
Vietnam COVID-19 cases hit a record high for 2 days

        Vietnam's COVID-19 epidemic situation began to change in late April. Although there were no local COVID-19 cases for more than a month before, this epidemic has not been the same as in the past. In addition to the high transmission power of the variant virus, the confirmed cases have footprints in 15 provinces and cities. , The Vietnamese government has long ordered many communities and regions to take blockade measures to stop the spread of the virus.
        According to a report by "Reuters", community infections have been found in northern and central Vietnam, including 24 in Bac Ninh Province, 12 in the center of Da Nang, and 8 in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Most of them were found to be contacts of previously confirmed cases or related to local infection groups.
        Although the Ministry of Health of Vietnam stated in a statement that most of the cases were quarantined before being tested positive for the virus, and it has not been determined whether the COVID-19 epidemic is under control. At present, Vietnam has recorded 4,175 cases and 36 deaths.
        Why do countries with good epidemic prevention break the game?
        In fact, it is not just Taiwan. It used to be a well-prevented country. Recently, there have been large-scale infections, including Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Although the reasons for the out-of-control epidemics vary from country to country, most of them are related to celebrations, fatigue from epidemic prevention, variant viruses, and slow COVID-19 vaccination.
        Foreign media are highly concerned about the changes in the situation of the epidemic situation in Southeast Asia. There are reports that the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures and promotion of economic activities may be the driving force for the growth of the epidemic. In addition, the speed of COVID-19 vaccine delivery is slow. Except for Singapore and Cambodia, other countries only Less than 10% of people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
        In addition to the sudden outbreak of the community epidemic, there is great pressure on the amount of medical care. The number of beds in Bangkok hospitals in Thailand is about to be insufficient, and the medical system in Malaysia is gradually overloaded. In fact, Taiwan is also facing the same problem. The medical capacity in the north is also very tight. .
        Although they used to be model students in COVID-19 epidemic prevention, this time they fell heavily. As long as the people highly cooperate with the COVID-19 epidemic prevention policy, the COVID-19 epidemic situation will gradually stabilize. To prevent the COVID-19 virus from continuing to spread, everyone in the society needs to work together to make the community work. Back to the original calm.


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