Smoking and doing drug are more infected with COVID-19

Smoking and doing drug are more infected with COVID-19
Smoking and doing drug are more infected with COVID-19

        The latest research points out that compared with the average person, people with smoking or doing drug problems are more likely to develop COVID-19.
        COVID-19 virus is mainly transmitted through droplets, and many substance users ingest substances into the body through inhalation, such as marijuana or amphetamines can be ingested through inhalers. Therefore, when they use substances, they often share equipment. Such hand-to-mouth and droplet contact greatly increases the chance of infection.
In particular, the places where material users often gather are not ordinary residences, and they cannot supply clean water and soap and other necessary disinfection materials, which prolongs the time that the virus stays on the body surface, and because the space is closed, it also increases the risk of infection of respiratory diseases.
        According to research, about 65% of substance users infected with new coronary pneumonia have a smoking habit. Except for the lung diseases caused by smoking, the mask must be removed when swallowing clouds and vomiting, so even if it is not substance abuse People, smoking alone will increase the incidence of new coronary pneumonia. It is recommended that people who smoke can seek help from a smoking cessation clinic to quit smoking, and it can also reduce the chance of infection of new coronary pneumonia.
        Users of other substances should also abstain from the use of substances, which is the best policy. Especially since the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, people's living environment and daily habits have gradually shifted. Whether it is increasing pressure in life, declining economic development, and increasing distance between people, they have unconsciously become life troubles.
        Substance users are more sensitive to the changes brought about by the epidemic, and feel greater pressure, and will increase their use of substances, because when the epidemic has not slowed down, the environment cannot return to life before the epidemic, and the amount of material needs will increase. The rapid increase increases the possibility of addiction, and the "drugs" will only increase but not decrease.
        COVID-19 is still severe, and more and more people cannot overcome the psychological pressure, and choose to use various substances to temporarily escape from reality. But after all, the adjustment of mood cannot rely on the outside, and only by one's own efforts can a normal life be achieved. Exercising more, getting enough sleep, adjusting your breathing, yoga and meditation at home are all good ways to soothe your body and mind.


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