COVID-19 epidemic affects health market

COVID-19 epidemic affects health market
COVID-19 epidemic affects health market

        The COVID-19 epidemic that broke out in 2020 has continued for a year and a half and has drastically changed the living habits of consumers around the world. Many people work remotely and replace physical shopping with online shopping. What changes have you made in the face of the epidemic?
Healthy supplements become the norm, 31% of consumers will take vitamins almost daily in 2021.
        According to a report on how the COVID-19 epidemic affects health, nutrition, and supplement purchase habits, the biggest impact of the epidemic on consumers' consumption habits is the continued interest in health supplements and vitamins.
        Since 2021, 31% of consumers say they consume vitamins and health supplements every day or almost every day, which is higher than the 26% before the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 and 24% in 2019. In this regard, the analysis believes that consumption People will continue to consume these nutritional supplements as one of the measures to achieve a healthy life and prevent diseases.
Worries about misinformation affecting health, the epidemic has led doctors and experts to become the most trusted source of information
During the epidemic, the world not only worked from home, but also drastically reduced the proportion of going out. This also caused the Internet to become the main source of information for people.
        In this report, consumers' credibility of health information sources in 2020 and 2021. Unsurprisingly, health experts and doctors are consumers’ most trusted sources of information, but what is worth paying attention to is the rankings of "Friends and Family" and "Fitness Coach" both dropped by two, and the rankings of "Virtual Doctor" and "Medical Related Websites" both increased.
The market prospects of online health consultation are promising
        This means that during the current epidemic, consumers pay special attention to the credibility of health information, which can reflect consumers’ increased acceptance of online health consultations and online consultations. It can be expected that more capital investment in this field will be attracted in the future, and even Become a new industry.
In the current epidemic, why do most people think that mental health is more important than physical health?
        In the report, Euromonitor International also surveyed consumers' perceptions of health. 64% of consumers believe that the definition of health is "mental health", followed by "good immune system." Why during the epidemic, people are not concerned about physical health, but mental health? If you look at which health issues you are concerned about, it might be able to explain.
        According to this survey, most people are particularly focused on vision care, stress, anxiety and sleep problems. This is because people stay at home longer than ever and often stay in a state where work and rest cannot be completely separated. This is also possible. Explain why in this survey, stress is one of the health issues that global consumers are most concerned about. The survey also shows that 57% of global consumers are under "moderate stress", and 35% of global respondents participate in the reduction at least once a month. Pressure activity shows that consumers’ demand for pressure reduction products is increasing.
        In order to adapt to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, our living habits and consumer behavior have changed. For the same reason, for the industry, it is necessary to keep up with these changes as soon as possible to meet the needs of consumers. However, in order to achieve this goal, the most important thing is The point is to continuously observe and follow the pulsation of the market to understand whether these changes will continue forever or are only temporary changes.


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