The third COVID-19 epidemic outbreak in UK, Delta cases accounted for 99%

The third COVID-19 epidemic outbreak in UK, Delta cases accounted for 99%
The third COVID-19 epidemic outbreak in UK, Delta cases accounted for 99%

      The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on the 18th that the COVID-19 Delta variant first discovered in India has become a major COVID-19 epidemic virus strain in the world. The strong infectious power has caused a new wave of epidemics in many countries. Among them, the United Kingdom has a total of 65,558 cases in the past 7 days. The number of confirmed cases increased by 31.3% from the previous week, and cases of COVID-19 Delta virus infection accounted for 99% of newly diagnosed cases, and the age group of patients has a downward trend.
        According to Public Health England, due to the loosening of some restrictions and the rampant Delta variant virus, the number of confirmed cases in the UK has been rising recently. Among them, the number of cases infected with the Delta variant increased by 79% within a week, accounting for up to 99% of new diagnoses.
        Adam Finn, consultant of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization in the United Kingdom (JCVI), said that although the number of confirmed cases does not appear to surge as expected in a short period of time, it is certain that the third wave of the epidemic is happening in the United Kingdom. Two doses of vaccine to avoid a large number of hospitalizations and deaths.
        British officials mentioned that the age group of hospitalized patients in the new wave of epidemics has dropped significantly, and most of them have not been vaccinated; Mike Tildesley, an epidemiologist and member of the British Emergency Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE), pointed out that the current inpatients do have a younger trend. "Their symptoms are mild, and the chances of recovery may be higher."
        After the British National Health Service (NHS) expanded the vaccination targets to adults over 18 on the 18th, more than 1 million appointments were made in two days; according to British government statistics, as of the 19th, 81.6% of the adult population in the country had received the first dose. Vaccine, about 59.5% of those who completed two doses of vaccinations.
        A WHO official said on the 16th that Delta, the new coronavirus variant that was first discovered in India, has now spread to more than 80 countries around the world and continues to mutate. Some reports have found that the Delta variant virus is not only more infectious, but can even cause more severe symptoms.
        The WHO is also tracking reports of the "Delta Plus" (AY.1) variant virus. According to Indian media reports, it is a variant of the Delta variant virus. It has drug resistant currently to a cocktail treatment of Monoclonal antibody that has just been approved by the Central Drug Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) of India, relevant confirmed cases have been found in the United States, Europe and many countries in Asia.


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