UK will unblock, experts worry about the breeding of "variant virus factory"

UK will unblock, experts worry about the breeding of "variant virus factory"
UK will unblock, experts worry about the breeding of "variant virus factory"

        The United Kingdom will completely lift the COVID-19 epidemic prevention restrictions in the near future, but scientists warned that ending all epidemic prevention restrictions is like building a new "variant virus production plant" at a very fast speed, and said that the new Minister of Health Sajid Javid's attitude in the face of the epidemic orders are afraid.
        Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on the 4th that the best way to protect the health of the UK is to "remove the restrictions on the COVID-19 virus." He said that "the restrictions we have implemented have led to a surge in domestic violence and have a terrible impact on the mental health of many people." . Prime Minister Boris Johnson will also announce on the 5th  that the UK will be fully unblocked and will relax policies including social distancing and wearing masks.
         However, this move caused concern among experts. Professor Stephen Reicher, a member of the Behavioral Science Subcommittee of the University of St. Andrews, said on Twitter that when a country has a "health minister", he still thinks that the COVID-19 virus is just influenza "frightening" and is indifferent to the infection rate., I don't understand those that are most beneficial to health and also beneficial to the economy, and want to abandon all epidemic prevention measures. At present, only half of our population is vaccinated with 2 doses.
Stephen Reicher pointed out that "the most important thing is that the epidemic is not "me" but "us". However, a certain minister regards all epidemic prevention restrictions as a personal choice, which is worrying." In addition, Professor Susan Michie, director of the Behavioral Change Center at University College London, also denounced on Twitter that "allowing a surge in community transmission is like building a new "variant virus factory" at a very fast rate."
         The two professors mentioned above and Professor Ann Phoenix of the Institute of Education of University College London stated in the British Medical Journal last week that "If people are to act responsibly, they need the government to fulfill their responsibilities and make safe behavior possible." They proposed "What's worrying is that when the government talks about abolishing all epidemic prevention restrictions on "Freedom Day", it does not mean that the virus has disappeared, nor does it mean that no measures need to be taken to prevent the virus from recurring."


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