Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore has repeatedly hit new highs

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore has repeatedly hit new highs
Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore has repeatedly hit new highs

        The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Singapore has been soaring, and epidemic prevention will be strengthened from the 27th, including limiting social gatherings to a maximum of 2 people and using a group of 2 people in restaurants to slow the increase in cases. Large scale activities that are limited to those who have completed the vaccination still maintain a maximum of 1,000 people.
        Singapore's vaccine coverage rate has exceeded 80%. However, since the gradual loosening of epidemic prevention measures in mid-August, the number of local cases has continued to rise. Since the end of August, the number of new cases has almost doubled every week. On September 22 and 23, the number of confirmed cases in a single day was refreshed for two consecutive days.
        The Minister of Health of Singapore Wang Yikang said that the Delta variant has caused the recent surge in confirmed cases. For this reason, the government has increased COVID-19 dedicated wards. Continued to increase the number of beds in community care facilities, and established community treatment facilities close to the level of hospital equipment to place the elderlies diagnosed person with a history of chronic disease, to reduce the burden on hospitals.
        In addition, the Ministry of Health stated that due to Singapore's high vaccine coverage rate, currently, about 98% of confirmed cases are mild or asymptomatic. The authorities have also expanded the implementation of home rehabilitation programs to allow more vaccinated confirmed patients to recover at home. Wang Yikang said that currently, about 40% of the confirmed cases are recovering at home.
        Officials emphasized that Singapore is still moving towards the goal of coexisting with the virus. The gradual opening plan has not changed, but needs to be adjusted as the epidemic changes to ensure that the medical system will not be overloaded.


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