Japan's declaration of emergency is lifted

Japan's declaration of emergency is lifted
Japan's declaration of emergency is lifted

        The Japan Broadcasting Corporation reported that the emergency declarations implemented in 19 places including Tokyo and Osaka, as well as the key measures implemented in 8 prefectures to prevent spread, will expire on September 30, and all will be lifted as scheduled from today, which is the first time in Japan about half a year, no area has implemented emergency or key measures.
        Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu said that although the emergency declaration is lifted, we still call on everyone to continue to take preventive measures, including people who have been vaccinated, to continue to wash their hands and wear masks ,to avoid crowds or high risk of infection place.
        Relevant restrictions on restaurants and holding events will be gradually relaxed. The Japanese government urges those who have not yet been vaccinated to be tested for the virus, and measures such as free nucleic acid tests will continue to be implemented from Okinawa Prefecture to major airports in Japan.
        In addition, the Japanese government will continue to improve the medical system and promote vaccination to prevent the epidemic from expanding again.


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