People vaccinated from 11 UK and US countries are exempted from quarantine entering Singapore

People vaccinated from 11 UK and US countries are exempted from quarantine entering Singapore
People vaccinated from 11 UK and US countries are exempted from quarantine entering Singapore

        Singapore has expanded its borders. Following the trial of Vaccinated Travel Lanes with Germany and Brunei, passengers from 9 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, West, and South Korea will be allowed to enter without quarantine. Only need to carry out PCR test before boarding and after arrival
        Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a national television speech today, that as part of coexisting with COVID-19, Singapore must reconnect with the world and reopen its borders safely.
        He said that Singapore has launched Vaccinated Travel Lanes with Brunei and Germany. The results of the trial show that it is possible for the vaccinated persons to travel safely with few cases of overseas immigration. Singapore will promote more Vaccinated Travel Lanes, especially in countries where the epidemic is stable. This will allow Singapore to stay connected to the global supply chain and help maintain Singapore's hub status.
        Singapore's Minister of Transport, S Iswaran, announced that Vaccinated Travel Lanes will be extended to travelers from Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. These 8 countries have all opened the entry of Singaporean passengers. The implementation of Vaccinated Travel Lanes will resume two-way, quarantine-free travel between Singapore and these countries. Starting from the 19th, permitted passengers can enter Singapore through this passage.
        In addition to the above-mentioned eight European and American countries, Singapore and South Korea will jointly launch Vaccinated Travel Lanes. S Iswaran pointed out that South Korea currently prohibits the entry of general travelers from almost all countries. The two sides decided to implement this new measure after discussion.
        He said that from November 15th, passengers departing from Singapore and South Korea can use Vaccinated Travel Lanes to enter each other's countries after obtaining permission from the authorities.
        In addition, Singapore currently divides all countries and regions into 4 categories according to the degree of risk, and unilaterally opens them to the first category of countries and regions with the lowest risk level. Currently, passengers from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau do not need to be isolated after entry. The airport accepts the PCR test, if the result is negative, the passengers can move around freely.


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