What are the taboos for eating purple sweet potatoes?

What are the taboos for eating purple sweet potatoes?
What are the taboos for eating purple sweet potatoes?

        Everyone is familiar with purple sweet potatoes. Some people prefer to eat it. It is also a kind of sweet potato. It is generally purple. Its nutrition is very rich. It has many benefits to the human body. But purple sweet potatoes are not suitable for everyone.
Who are the taboo groups of purple sweet potatoes?
        1. If there is dampness blocking the spleen and stomach and stagnation of Qi and food accumulation, then it is not allowed to eat. Purple sweet potato contains a lot of sugar, which is easy to ferment when staying in the intestines, causing abdominal discomfort. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people with dampness blocking the spleen and stomach and qi stagnation should eat purple potatoes with caution.
        2. There is a certain amount of oxidase in purple potatoes. This enzyme is easy to produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the human gastrointestinal tract, which is irritating to the stomach and intestines. Therefore, patients with gastric ulcers should not eat it.
        3. Diabetics should not eat purple potatoes. Because of the high sugar content in purple potatoes, diabetics should not eat them to avoid the aggravation of the disease.
        4. If you have an allergic reaction to purple potatoes, you should also avoid them, because allergic reactions may cause skin redness and swelling, frequent diarrhea, indigestion, asthma, and other allergic symptoms, so if you are allergic, you need to eat purple potatoes carefully.
        5. Purple sweet potatoes can not be eaten raw, they must be eaten after they are cooked thoroughly, because starch grains are difficult to digest without being destroyed by high temperature, and eating raw will damage the intestines and stomach. In addition, they can not be eaten alone. They should be eaten with high-quality protein foods, so that nutrition will be more comprehensive.
How much purple sweet potato is appropriate to eat a day?
        Purple potato is a kind of sweet potato, but its nutritional value is incomparable to ordinary sweet potato. After moderate consumption, it can not only promote bowel movements, and achieve laxative and detoxifying effects; female friends can have the effect of beauty after eating. Although purple sweet potato is a good food, you should not eat too much. Generally, one a day is enough, otherwise, adverse reactions such as flatulence will occur.


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