How to treat night terrors

How to treat night terrors
How to treat night terrors

        The treatment of night terrors should be considered from the perspective of non-drug treatment. Non-drug treatment includes avoiding excessive stress. Many children may aggravate this situation due to excessive study and work pressure; avoid excessive fatigue, sometimes too tired, too nervous, It may also aggravate this situation. Pay attention to sleep hygiene, regular sleep time, work and rest time, do not stay up late, do not play games.
        If children have night terrors, they will not sleep well at night, and may also cause the symptoms of sudden awakening. It also has a great impact on the health of the child. It should be treated and adjusted in time to allow the child to recover as soon as possible, if there are night terrors. So, how are night terrors treated?
        The symptoms of night terrors in children are very obvious. There should be a good treatment plan. If there is an obvious sudden awakening at night, you can drink some ginger brown sugar water for conditioning, effectively warming and dispelling cold, and avoid spleen and stomach discomfort and crying at night.
        If children have night terrors, choose to use green onion ginger soup for conditioning. The effect is better, boil the green onion and ginger together, it has the effect of relieving the cold of the spleen and stomach to a certain extent for night terrors. The treatments have very good results, avoiding the symptoms of abdominal pain.
        There are many treatment methods for night terrors in children. Drug treatment can alleviate the condition. Choosing to use diet therapy has better results. By using pig bone ginger soup for conditioning, it can effectively alleviate night terrors in children. And you can also choose egg porridge for nutritional adjustment and treatment.
   Do you want to wake up your baby when a child has night terrors? Night terrors are the same as sleepwalking, so try not to wake your child up. For this disease, you must take your child to see a doctor in time, and you must not be careless. Children need a lot of sleep time, so as a parent, you must ensure that your child has enough sleep time. You can give your child some warm milk before going to bed at night, which is conducive to sleep.
   The symptoms of night terrors in children are more obvious, which will also have a great impact on children's health, and even lead to the phenomenon of poor sleep at night, so there should be a good treatment method, and you can also choose to use adzuki beans for treatment. And sleep and rest should be regular, which can reduce the occurrence of night terrors.


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