Will Smith and Chris Rock: Chris's ticket prices skyrocketed

Will Smith and Chris Rock: Chris's ticket prices skyrocketed
Will Smith and Chris Rock: Chris's ticket prices skyrocketed

        At the Oscars, Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith on stage, causing a lot of uproars. Not only has Chris Rock earned people's respect, but his talk show has been a hit at the box office, with ticket prices doubling several times in a row.
        Chris Rock makes fun of Will Smith's wife Jada Smith, saying she's bald and she could play 'Private Girl' Will Smith in the audience stepped onto the stage, waved his arm, and slapped Chris Rock. Then he went back to his seat and quarreled, 'Don't insult my wife.'
        Chris smiled awkwardly, saying that the move just now set a historical record. What's more interesting is that Will Smith was once again invited to the podium by Chris Rock to receive the Best Actor Award, and the two were reconciled as ever. The scene just now seems to have never happened.
        The matter was hotly debated after that. What people care most about isn't who gets an Oscar, it's Chris Rock getting slapped. Later, Will Smith also publicly apologized to Chris Rock, saying that he did not control his emotions at the time.
        He also knew that he should be amused by the talk show, he just blamed himself for not controlling his emotions. Chris Rock doesn't seem to blame him either.
        This also lets everyone see his character who understands the big picture, and no one thinks he is a coward.
        There's an old saying, 'Take a step back to see the sky', and Chris Rock got what he deserved, that is, his talk show was a big hit at the box office, which is also the best expression of the audience's love for him.
        But this also allows us to see the potential risks of talk show actors, that is, they must be careful to tease memes in the future, and can't make fun of other people's shortcomings at will. After all, everyone has their shortcomings and secrets. If someone makes fun of them publicly, they will feel very bad. From that perspective, Will Smith just slapped Kressrock with a still-lighter slap in the face. If he is a violent man, he is likely to fight with him, even life-threatening.
        Now it seems that this incident has also had a satisfactory result, and Chris Rock has also become a well-known talk show actor, earning enough attention, money, and face.
        Through this incident, we also know that letting snowflakes fly for a while is not necessarily a bad thing. Only by maintaining a peaceful heart and a calm mind at all times can we stand out from the complicated interpersonal relationships and eventually become a leader in life. Otherwise, a hot head will only leave endless troubles.


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