SimplyGram Review - What I Think of the Service After One Year of Use

SimplyGram Review - What I Think of the Service After One Year of Use

In this article, I want to share my thoughts on an Instagram organic growth service called SimplyGram. In just one year of using this service, it has proven its efficiency. I have gained several tens of thousands of new users and have been able to move to a completely new level, expanding my audience both as a photographer and an influencer. This SimplyGram review is here to show what a growth service can offer to dreamers like I am.

Where It All Started and How I Decided to Become an Instagram Influencer

I've always loved photography as a fine art form. Aa a kid, I always dreamed that when I grow up, I would travel the world with a camera by my side pursuing my favorite hobby. Finally, I grew up and found a great job that allowed me to invest in my photography career. But like any artist (still unrecognized :D), I can't make art without sharing my works with the world. But here's the problem, the world doesn't know about me yet, and I don't have decades to get noticed and appreciated. This is the thought that has encouraged me to promote my Instagram profile, where I've been posting my photos taken in different parts of the world for several years now.

At first, I decided to increase the number of Instagram followers through my own efforts. I made over my profile nicely and produced a huge number of delayed publications of my artwork which I happened to have in excess. Without proper advertising, things were going very slowly, and as I said before, I needed the results instantly. I had no time to wait. So I decided to buy ads from several influencers. Unfortunately, for me, influencer advertising worked just awful. The influencers that I liked were beyond my budget. And sometimes, advertising did not bring in many followers. Maybe I just chose the wrong influencers.

After a conversation with one art Influencer from whom I wanted to buy ads, I signed up for a three-day free trial from SimplyGram. The girl told me about her positive experience with this service and even showed me some statistics.

After the three-day trial, I had practically no new followers and wanted to cancel my subscription, but my new friend convinced me to try using SimplyGram for a month. Honestly, I do not trust people who offer to buy something online, but since she had a lot of followers, I decided to trust her. And I wasn’t wrong. Within one month, I received several times more followers than I ever had before.

As I understand now, such services start working after a period of time. Only after a month of use, the service showed a tangible increase. In just half a year, I got the result that, according to my most optimistic plans, I was supposed to achieve in two years.

So, How Does SimplyGram Work?

I have to be honest with you. I have not tried other services other than SimplyGram. There are probably some other services that work efficiently. But since I have not tried anything else and SimplyGram is a good fit for me, I cannot give an objective assessment about what else you can try online. My friend, who advised me to use SimplyGram, mentioned that she tried other services similar to SimplyGram. But she was not pleased with them, and only SimplyGram was able to provide her with the results she was looking for.

SimplyGram is a company that, for a weekly fee, searches Instagram for users who might be interested in your account. I can't show you any examples, but as far as I understand, they know how to organically advertise your account to other Instagram users. So it does not look intrusive, and people actually start following your account. I also think that not all of the users understand that my account is being advertised by those “child” accounts (the accounts that SimplyGram uses to promote an account).

Some Tedious Calculations to Convince You of the Need for SimplyGram Right Away

Sure, you can do the same thing as SimplyGram. You can surf through Instagram and do the same actions as the service. But this company uses between 40 and 200 accounts (depending on which package you bought). With this service in your arsenal, you will get followers tens or even hundreds of times faster. You must realize that the faster you get your first few thousand followers on Instagram, the quicker you'll start earning and the more you can invest. The more you invest, the sooner you can reach a comfortable level of profit when your account begins to bring you more than you spend on it. So the sooner you get a large audience, the sooner you can recoup your investment and make a net profit.

According to my calculations, in a year, I will have all of my investment fully recovered. Right now, my account is growing without SimplyGram, because with a larger audience and creating new content, I can get more users naturally. But I want to use SimplyGram for a while longer. By the end of the year, I plan to invest more in the quality of my content instead of advertising, and maybe I will quit my main job and devote myself completely to photography and traveling.

Here's a Quick Summary

1) Is SimplyGram a Scam?

No, SimplyGram works and does not violate any Instagram rules. You are not violating anything by having your account advertised by other accounts.

2) Is It Safe to Use SimplyGram?

Yes, SimplyGram is completely safe for your account - it requires nothing more than a link to your Instagram profile. Also, your profile doesn't have to be private because a private profile is harder to promote.

3) How Quickly Will I Have Visible Results?

I noticed the first significant result took some time. You may have to wait for a month, but you may see growth after a three-day free trial.

I strongly recommend everyone to at least try this service using their free three-day trial. Since you probably know that if you do not try anything and wait until new followers appear, the result will be disappointing. Nothing just happens, and you need to start working on your account if you want to get famous on Instagram.