iPhone 13 blue: really good and way to take pictures

iPhone 13 blue: really good and way to take pictures
iPhone 13 blue: really good and way to take pictures

        For this year's iPhone 13 blue and midnight, I would personally prefer blue!
        The low-key blue color of the iPhone 13 shows a quality, and it is still different from the iPhone 12. It is not as bright as the Apple 12, and the contrast is lower, which makes it look more comfortable, but it feels more high-end.
        Although the rounded corners are reduced by 20%, the display content has not changed, the power information is still not displayed, and the utilization rate of the top forehead area has not been improved.
        The camera has become stronger, and the displacement sensor of the iPhone 12 Pro has been used, and the anti-shake effect has become better. The photo quality has been improved, but we still have to admire Apple's visual changes in each generation, and the night scene is even more obvious.
        The improvement in battery life is also very good. Of course, it cannot compete with the Pro Max. The A15 still laughs at the Android brothers in the world. At present, the price of the iPhone 13 series is still reduced, and subsidies are also available, and the prices of many channels are already lower than the official website.
        By the way, I would like to recommend a selfie trick to everyone, which may be useful to everyone. Usually the original camera selfie will feel that the face is crooked and yellow, and it will be changed with a simple setting!
        1. Settings - Camera - Mirror Front Photo - Keep normal exposure photos below
        2. Then open the camera - click the exposure setting bar in the upper left corner
        3. When the light is sufficient, the exposure value is pulled to 0.3; when the light is poor, it is pulled to 0.7.
        4. If you want to take a selfie, just click on the face and long press the screen to lock the auto focus and pull down the 'Little Sun' slightly. At this time, no matter how you move the phone, the light will not change.
        In fact, it is still very easy to operate, and the selfie will become better, and of course more beautiful. Of course, different versions are different, but they are all the same.
        By the way, after buying the iPhone 13 blue, it is best to buy a mobile phone case at the same time, otherwise, if you accidentally bump it, you will not feel distressed. As for which iPhone 13 blue mobile phone case to choose, I personally think that since we have chosen the color scheme for so long, it must be displayed. Therefore, I think at the beginning, we can give priority to starting with a transparent mobile phone case. !


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