Four years of anxiety is finally healed today  --- The experience of one patient dealt with anxiety.
        I am 21 years old this year and I was born in 2000. Anxiety has been with me for 4 years from the age of 18 to 21. It is also my best youth, my entire university.
"My Character"
        I haven't experienced any huge ups and downs in my life. My father treated me very well, which led to my personality being a perfectionist and selfish at the same time. I am very concerned about myself and very sensitive. In retrospect, I still feel a bit embarrassing.

   Insomnia has become a norm nowadays. At least three out of ten office workers suffer from insomnia. Then do you know how to improve insomnia?
Causes of insomnia
   1. The effects of drugs and alcohol
   People who are dependent on sedative and hypnotic drugs often have stubborn sleep disorders. The more the dose of the drug is used, the more pronounced insomnia occurs when the drug is stopped or reduced. People who take stimulants for a long time also suffer from insomnia. After middle age, a person becomes sensitive to caffeine. Maybe he developed the habit of drinking strong tea or coffee at night when he was young. It did not affect sleep at that time. However, after middle age, insomnia will become more pronounced. Not aware that this long-term habit is actually the cause of insomnia.

        The following treatment experience of a patient with genital warts, share it with friends in need.
        The purpose of writing this article is for people who are troubled by genital warts, I have been troubled by this disease, asking people how to treat it, and constantly looking for treatment methods online. Unfortunately, there are too many different opinions on the Internet, and I don't know who to believe. The following is to share how I treat genital warts.
First of all, the mentality must be put in place. You must know that this is not a terminal illness. This is caused by the hpv virus. 95% of the patients' hpv virus will be eliminated within two years, even without any treatment. Many people have hpv virus in their bodies but do not have any symptoms of genital warts, because their human immunity is strong, so they are not reflected. Then we can learn that a very important treatment for genital warts is to strengthen the body's immunity! Immunity ! Eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise moderately to improve immunity.

       Weight loss, whether for obese people or girls who want to lose weight, is always a topic worthy of attention. There are many ways to help you lose weight, and there are many different weight-loss tutorials. But it happens that many people will choose to go on a diet to lose weight to start their weight loss plan.
        "No food after lunch", "One meal a day", "Apple weight loss method", "No dinner", etc. are all the ways they choose to lose weight on a diet. Even more radical is the way to lose weight one day by drinking only water and not eating anything. Losing weight does not mean that you can succeed by defeating your own will. Going on a diet to lose weight sounds beautiful, but the result is more scary than you can imagine.

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