10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

One used car is never the same as another. Although they share the same year, make, model and odometer readings, one of the autos could have been in a catastrophic accident or suffered some other significant damage that would be revealed by a VIN decoder, significantly lowering the vehicle's value. Having this data on hand can help you make a more well-informed choice and get a better deal.

To decode VIN, several competitive tools are available. Each claims to have its unique qualities and reliable reports. In this article, we'll explore and review the best 10  VIN decoders for free VIN check services on the market today:

VINNUmberLookup- All-In-One VIN Decoder Platform with Free VIN Check

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

If you recognize the importance of checking a car's VIN but don't know where to begin, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of VIN Number Lookup's free VIN decoder. Its database connects to vehicles' public records kept by manufacturers, government agencies, repair shops, rental agencies, insurance providers, junkyards, traffic agencies, and auto recyclers to help you see a complete picture of a given vehicle.

When you do a free VIN check with some free VIN number lookup platform  like VINNumberLookup, you can see details about the vehicle, such as year, model, manufacturer, transformer, engine, fuel capacity, etc. 

Aside from the standard details, you can see immediately if the car was stolen, if there was any water damage, or if it is a "lemon." Also, check to see whether the mileage is too high.


  • Free to use 
  • Time efficient
  • Reliable 24/7 email to reach customer support
  • Guarantees your confidentiality
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Up-to-date data
  • Supports VIN check by state and maker
  • Efficient license plate lookup (learn more by clicking here)
  • Instant search results


  • Limited database
  • The platform is still relatively new

VinPit- A Quick and Reliable Solution for Decoding VIN

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

Second place goes to VinPit, another leading web-based tool that provides extensive data on VINs to help buy or sell a used car. VinPit offers free VIN checks, decoding, license plate lookups, and car history reports.

The majority of sellers do not disclose all known issues with their vehicles.  With the free VinPit decoder, you can check VIN for free learn information such as the vehicle's owner, manufacturing facility, VIN validity, safety recalls, past registrations, and more at your fingertips.

Moreover, accident history, repairs, unreported damages, and stolen records are also included in the comprehensive report from VinPit, which will help determine the vehicle's market value.


  • Comprehensive vehicle report
  • Free service
  • Straightforward VIN check services
  • Allow VIN check of any car model
  • A reliable website
  • Multiple public record databases
  • Provide archive photos


  • The accuracy of the data is not guaranteed
  • Limited to USA-registered vehicles

VINCheckFree-Free and Simple VIN lookup Service

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

Another well-known VIN decoder on the market is VINCheckFree, which offers a free, basic VIN lookup that is simple to use. Their ultimate focus is to provide helpful information that can factor into a consumer's decision to purchase a car by revealing red flags, including possible fraud, recent repairs, and flooding. 

VINCheckFree collaboration with established institutions like NHTSA and NMVTS provides you with in-depth vehicle data. You can easily access vehicle distinguishing details like the make, model, year, etc.  Besides the odometer reading, there is also the vehicle's history of thefts, salvage titles, accidents, mileage, and open recalls.


  • Massive records of cars information
  • Effective search results 
  • Secure VIN check
  • Free VIN decoding and car history report 
  • Intuitive interface
  • It helps you to estimate the vehicle’s market price.  
  • No sign up required
  • Free VIN Check for various car brands


  • Restricted to cars sold and used in the USA
  • May not produce reports for all vehicles
  • Relatively new service provider compared to others in the market.

NHTSA- Most Trustworthy Source For A Detailed Report On Your Car

Compared to the previous three VIN decoders, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a federal agency in the United States with a specific focus on automobile safety.  The NHTSA VIN lookup provides access to information on virtually every manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. 

The NHTSA has access to a wealth of government databases, which ensures reliable VIN check reports. By facilitating easy access to free VIN lookups, NHTSA gives its customers confidence that their vehicle, one they want to buy or rent, is free of any known safety problems. They aim to reduce the number of recalled vehicles that need to be addressed.


  • Vehicle report makes car buyers make informed decisions
  • Enhance accuracy through government traffic reports
  • Free VIN decoder
  • Partners with vehicle manufacturers


  • Limited car information 

carVertical- Top Blockchain-Based VIN decoder for a Free VIN Check

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

Designed by blockchain technology, carVertical is undoubtedly one of the most promising VIN decoders, making it the go-to resource for every car buyer or seller. It collaborates with the NMVTIS, fire department, vehicle auctions, insurance agencies, national and private registers, etc., to ensure public access to accurate rate vehicle information.

You can rest assured that the carVertical blockchain function will only grant you access to truthful information regarding your vehicle, such as its specifications, accident history, mileage, owners, theft records, safety inspections, salvage title, etc.


  • 50 million vehicle database
  • Blockchain technology guarantees accurate data
  • Facilitate improvement in the used-car market
  • Instant access to the car’s history 
  • Direct data from vehicle manufactures


  • Customer support could be improve

Bumper- Real-Time Car Monitoring and Free VIN Check Website

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

The Bumper, headquartered in New York City, helps customers in North America sell and purchase automobiles, compare prices, research insurance, and perform free VIN checks.  Bumper scans over 29 million documents to find vehicle history for auto sellers and buyers.

Like other VIN decoders in this article,  Bumper gives users access to car data such as the title, sale listings, safety recalls, salvage and accident records, market value, etc. All this information is based on records from 22 state agencies, insurance firms, towing services, scrap metal yards, and salvage auctions.


  • It provides nationwide car information.
  • Highly experienced and qualified support team.
  • Vehicle comparison feature
  • Estimate vehicle market price
  • Besides VIN lookup, it offers additional services.
  • Safe and secure website


  • Vehicle report irregularities.
  • Their information is mainly from DMV.

CARFAX- An Convenient Platform to Access the Most Recognized  Vehicle History

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

When you need to know everything about a car, truck, or SUV, you may turn to CARFAX, one of the largest and most trusted international databases available. They are well-known for the precision of their reports compiled from over 100,000 sources, including government agencies, insurance firms, law enforcement agencies, and auction houses.

While the CARFAX paid service provides a wealth of information, the free VIN check can only offer basic car details like the vehicle's model, manufacturer, engine, transmission, gasoline capacity, etc. Also, their service is only available for used cars sold in the United States or Canada after 1981.


  • Guarantees user ease of use
  • Great report for car dealers
  • Access to 100,000 data sources
  • Allow VIN checks from every US state
  • Experienced VIN check tool
  • Accessible through a mobile app


  • Vehicle full  report is expensive
  • Full of other information that can cause challenges for new users

AutoCheck-Get Automated VIN and Car Ratings Reports in Minutes

10 Best VIN Decoders for a Free VIN Check

As the 8th VIN decoder in our list, AutoCheck stands out for its automated VIN lookup service. It is managed by Experian and uses information on more than 500 million automobiles from a National Vehicle Database. 

One of its best features is that it can help you choose between two cars by comparing their features side by side and rating them on a scale from 1-100. The model, make, model year, mileage, lease, accident records, and the total number of accidents all play a part in the final ranking.

Details such as previous owners, collision records, rental rates, grey market prices, odometer readings, engine size, CO2 emissions, and other technical information are included in the comparison report. 


  • It’s a straightforward process
  • Verify vehicle parts for safety
  • Automated reports in minutes
  • Consistent car report
  • Ranks cars from 1-100


  • You have to pay for a detailed report

NICB-The Best Website to Look Up a Car's Insurance Fraud Record

Among all the available sites, NICB is by far the oldest free VIN check service. For 16 years of service, their database has naturally expanded. Most of NICB's data comes from insurers to help combat insurance fraud. Its data are also exceptionally dependable.

If an insurance claim was filed for theft or the vehicle was classified as salvage, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) can let you know. Used-car shoppers might also benefit from knowing whether or not the vehicle has been in a total loss accident.


  • It’s a free tool with up-to-date car data
  • Reliable information due to the vast database
  • The oldest VIN decoder in the industry
  • The platform  is easy to use


  • You are only limited to 5 searches in 24 hours

AutoDNA-The Surest Way To Comprehensive Information On Vehicle Past 

Last but not least, at number 10, we have AutoDNA, one of the most popular VIN check sites that provide comprehensive information on a vehicle's past and current condition. Thanks to its extensive database, AutoDNA benefits the United States and throughout Europe.

Autocheck is an integrated part of AutoDNA's platform and works closely with it. The vehicle history report on AutoDNA is packed with valuable data, and the site also allows users to compare vehicles from various markets. 


  • Multifunctional platform
  • Reliable records of your car's past
  • Timely reports
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Prioritizes the safety of its users


  • Users need more price options.

Final Verdict

Finally, this is the end of our review of the best decoders for a free VIN check. VIN checks give potential car buyers a thorough report on their chosen vehicle, reducing their chances of acquiring a faulty or counterfeit vehicle. You can learn everything you need about VIN checks in this list of ten best VIN decoders. 

Despite their differences, the most popular VIN decoders are VINNumberLookup, VinPit, and VINCheck because of their extensive databases and no-cost VIN checks.

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