Top 9 Reasons To Go To The Best Barber School In California

Top 9 Reasons To Go To The Best Barber School In California

Do you like assisting others in looking and feeling their best while having an eye for design? Are you searching for a career option that offers you flexibility and has boundless potential? Do you wish to work one-on-one with clients? 

If your answer to these questions is yes, then barbering can be the right profession for you to choose. Yes, it's because there are endless opportunities in this field. 

However, to make the most out of this, it is strongly recommended to go to one of the top barber schools in California. It will help you to learn the best skills, which in turn aids in building a rewarding and successful career in this field.

Becoming a barber by enrolling in and completing barbering school has many perks. In this definitive blog post, we will let you know the top reasons why it is worth enrolling in a barbering school. So, let's find out:

Why Join A Professional Barbering Course Offered By Top Barber Schools In California?

1. Great Opportunity To Learn From Real Experts

The best part about attending a professional barbering school is getting hands-on training from real industry experts. This way, you can learn new skills and enhance your existing ones. 

A professional barbering course helps you stay updated on the latest trends and the classic cuts that never go out of style. This course offers a real-time experience that allows you to excel in your career path. You are always expected to receive the best guidance from a team of highly talented licensed instructors throughout your course.

You get the benefit of high-quality barber training from instructors with years of experience working in this field. They will readily answer any queries or concerns throughout your barber training journey.

2. Surround Yourself With Creative Minds

Your interest in barbering schools showcases your flair for artistry and creativity. Whenever you enroll in a professional barbering course, you get the chance to be surrounded by like-minded individuals as you will be in the classroom with other creative minds. 

This way, you can effectively expand your creativity levels. Not only that, but you will constantly receive constructive feedback, which helps improve your skill sets and learn much better.

3. Build The Type Of Career Path You Want

Another fantastic benefit of becoming a barber is that you can build the type of career path that you wish. Once you have completed and earned your certification from a reputed barbering school, you can get many lucrative job opportunities as you have acquired the right skill sets. 

However, beginning your career as an employee in a salon or barbershop is one of many options left after a barbering course. You can easily open up your practice and become an entrepreneur by running your shop. 

You can rent a booth in an existing barbershop space or operate from your home. Another option is to set up a mobile barbering business so that you can quickly meet clients and offer service to them. You can even choose to become a trainer if you enjoy teaching and improving the skills of others. 

4. Excel In A Lucrative Career Option That Goes Well With Your Personality

Barbering is rewarding as it lets you be social and establish one-on-one interaction with people. So, this particular career option suits those individuals who can quickly start a conversation with any person. 

As a barber, you should always focus on being outgoing and friendly, as it will help you build up a list of loyal clients. This way, you can even build a long-last relationship with your clients.

You are expected to come across some clients who may have specific requests for their haircuts. At the same time, some others may request you to cut their hair in a new style that you may have yet to try. 

Entering this profession could improve your design and creative skills. As a professional barber, you can make your clients look and feel significant with your creative talents and friendly approach. 

If you are fond of creative environments, enjoy interacting with others, and desire to make people feel great, then you should choose this profession.

5. Explore Several Career Alternatives

Once you have completed the barbering course from a reputed barber school in California, you will earn a license. And this opens up your path to several other career alternatives. 

Working in a conventional barbershop will provide you with a consistent work environment. Barbers who are involved in working in a shop get the opportunity to deal with several clients each day. 

Another fantastic option left behind you after passing from a barber school is opening your shop. However, as a barbershop owner, you may require handling a lot of responsibilities like marketing your services, managing your employees, etc. 

Thus, before starting your business, it becomes essential for you to stay well-prepared to take up all the responsibilities that come with it. Owning a barbershop is undoubtedly rewarding.

Other than that, you could even choose to work through an agency that informs you about short-term barbering opportunities. Below are some examples of where you could work through an agency:


  • Weddings
  • Theatre Productions
  • Private Events
  • Personal Stylist
  • Film And TV Sets


6. Allows You To Be Your Boss

As discussed in the above section, doing a job is not the only option for a barber. You have endless opportunities after completing a barbering school. For example, you can start your barbershop if you prefer to avoid working for others. So, it means you can be your boss, which is impressive.

Stats says that 73 percent of barbers in the US are self-employed.

However, if you want great success in owning a barbershop, you need the right tools, training, and a solid client base. Thus, to get hands-on training and expertise, you can start your career by working in someone else's shop. Once you are confident enough after gaining a lot of experience, you can open your shop.

Another interesting thing to note is that, unlike other types of business, you are not required to invest in a physical work location to start working for yourself. There are many different ways as well. 

You can work as a freelance or traveling barber to discover endless opportunities in photo shoots, fashion events, or TV and film. This way, you could lay the foundation for a successful business. 

7. Offers You With Much-Needed Flexibility

Most barbers choose to be self-employed, meaning they can set their hours. Self-employed barbers manage their marketing activities independently and set their rates. 

However, you will only get this kind of flexibility in terms of timing if you work on commission. But, it is true that, in this case, you do not have to be concerned about marketing or scheduling appointments. Someone else would be there to manage these activities for you. As a result, you will get more time to focus on your work. 

8. It Provides You With The Freedom To Travel

If you are searching for a career option that allows you to travel, then barbering may not be a profession you could think of. But, the reality is that by choosing to become a barber, you could fulfill your dream of traveling in different parts of the world. It's because shaves, haircuts, and other professional grooming services are needed almost everywhere. 

Many salons and barber shops abroad offer temporary guest positions to creative and highly talented barbers. These positions can range from days to months. How long you wish to work is dependent on you. So, you can take advantage of this.

After you have completed a professional barbering course from a reputed institution, you will get a license which increases your chances of getting a work visa in another country.

9. Comes With Job Security

As per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the barbering sector is projected to grow by 10 percent into 2024. 

It means that there will be the availability of more and more job opportunities in this field, contributing to job security. 

Concluding Thoughts

After learning about the perks of becoming a barber, you may be willing to move ahead in the same direction. If that's true for your case as well, then all you need to do is opt for this program from one of the best barber schools in California, like Bellus Academy. 

They are a well-known and award-winning beauty and wellness institution that offers highly curated barbering programs for fostering future professionals' entrepreneurial and technical development. 

Bellus's curriculum features shaving, cutting, facials, and specialized skills that help you stand out as an industry expert. A Financial Aid option is also available for those who qualify for this. 

For more details, feel free to get in touch with them today. 

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