The Chinese medicine benefits

The Chinese medicine benefits

        Many people think that traditional Chinese medicine is just taking herbs. Because Chinese medicine benefits are more, and relatively little harm to the human body, now people like it more and more. In fact, Chinese medicine is not just eating herbs, it also has many treatment method. Such as: acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, massage, medicated bath, scraping therapy, food therapy and other methods, and the effect is very good.
Is the effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment slower?

        People often choose traditional Chinese medicine only treating chronic diseases or remedying the body. This is because it is generally believed that traditional Chinese medicine is slower to cure diseases. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is very effective in treating some acute diseases. For example, acupuncture and moxibustion are often effective in the treatment of acute pain, and even for emergency rescues, traditional Chinese medicine has unique effects, such as from ancient acupuncture anesthesia to the current Ginseng and Prepared Common Monkshood Daughter Root soup to rescue heart failure Patients, etc.
         For some acute and functional diseases, such as headaches, colds, sprained ankles, menstrual pain, or stiff neck, traditional Chinese medicine can use acupuncture, massage and other physical therapies to quickly alleviate the symptoms at the moment. Some traditional Chinese medicine doctors claim that one or two pcs medicines can cure diseases, it means these kinds of diseases.
         TCM treatment of chronic diseases is not only treating the symptoms, but also treating the overall pathology behind the appearances, such as regulating the imbalance of the viscera and strengthening the function of the viscera, etc., it can truly cure the diseases (no recurrence after stopping taking medicine). However, the reason why chronic diseases are difficult to treat and prone to recurrence is that their overall "organs" has been changed to a considerable extent. Therefore, to cure chronic illnesses for many years, it is impossible to be ok overnight, and a certain amount of "quantity change" is necessary. Gradually, the "characteristic change" can take place. Therefore, Chinese medicine must take time to restore the patient's "quality" bit by bit. If the dosage is too lower or the treatment frequency is too fragmented, the effect will be poor. For example, long-term sciatica or migraine,some patients took two or three medicines, three or two needles, and the symptoms eased. They thought they were cured and stopped treatment. Then they relapsed after two or three months, but blamed the doctor.
         Many people will mistakenly consider the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is slower in treating chronic diseases, but no matter how slow Chinese medicine in treatment is better than never cann't cure. When taking herbs internally, if it can be combined with massage, acupuncture and other physical therapies, the treatment effect will be more better.
In short, diseases that only affect functional imbalances and have no obvious organic changes can be cured quickly by traditional Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine is the best at remedy homeostasis and adapting to the natural development trend of diseases. However, if characteristics changes have occurred, traditional Chinese medicine can improve the internal environment as much as possible to enhance self-healing conditions, but it will take a period of time to recuperate, often in months. According to experience, for the same chronic disease, the treatment course of those who have not taken western medicine is generally shorter than those who have taken western medicine for a period of time, and the strong and the young persons are faster than the weak and the old ones.

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