Moxibustion benefits with my family!(first)

Moxibustion benefits with my family

        If moxibustion is divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels, then I use 500 moxa sticks for one and a half years and slowly enter the elementary stage; everyone’s physical condition is different, maybe because my body is too cold , But I persevered. And then I will tell you my experience of moxibustion benefits with my family.

My elementary stage of moxibustion:
        I started using moxibustion in July 2018. At that time, my main physical problem was my legs. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, my legs were cold. I wore long trousers in summer and cotton trousers in winter. I went to the hospital, the doctor said it was superficial phlebitis. He prescribed Chinese medicine for about three months. I couldn't take it anymore, because after taking the medicine, my stomach swelled after 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I had to fart. I asked the doctor. The doctor said it was a gastrointestinal reaction to the medicine and the medicine should be stopped. There is no way, only by oneself.

        When I first started receiving moxibustion, I learned from the blog that moxibustion can treat my leg problems, so I formulated a treatment plan for myself: first, moxibustion at Guanyuan acupoint and Zusanli, and the other is mandatory of running. As long as you have time, you must run 5,000 meters every day.
        At the beginning of moxibustion, there was no sense of moxibustion. This state lasted for about a month. Every day when I return to my place of residence from the office, I first take a bath, then use the bamboo moxibustion box to cauterize the Guanyuan acupoint for 30 minutes, and then start the moxibustion at Zusanli to feel the heat, which is more comfortable. And there are obviously fewer mosquitoes in the house. Thinking about it, the mosquito coil is not very healthy, so it should be consider as a mosquito coil.
        When I just cauterized Zusanli, blisters often appeared in Zusanli. After the blisters were broken, they were also treated. During this period, there were a few cases of suppuration. There were no problems. Moxibustion on the legs of Zusanli usually lasts 60 minutes a day. Then at 9 o'clock in the evening, I went out for a run with my roommate, jogging 5000 meters each time, six times a week. When I was tired, I would take a break, and then I would come back to sleep after running.
        Thinking about it now, it may be a coincidence. The blisters produced by moxibustion are to force out the cold in the meridians. When running, the qi and blood are activated, and the two-pronged approach ensures the future effect of moxibustion. This is the preparation stage of my moxibustion.
        Don't take a shower in a hurry after running. Don't use the air conditioner. You can take a shower after the sweat cools for an hour.
        This continued until September, when the Zusanli acupoint on the leg was already horrible, and the scars healed one after another; they were often in a state of suppuration.
        Finally began to feel moxibustion. But at that time, I didn't feel it was moxibustion. When I moxibusted Zusanli, it was as if electricity was flowing from Zusanli to the toes, and the line of numbness went down. At the same time, I felt that my legs were obviously relaxed and I walked. Or running is not so tired. When you are running, you can gradually run in large strides. At the same time, your legs feel more vigorous. You don't need to feel tired like before. At this time, moxibustion at Guanyuan point also starts to feel a thin line from Guanyuan point. From the inner thigh to the sole of the foot, there is a very thin line, but it is not a strong feeling. It is just an experience. There is a very thin line.
        This state lasted for about a few months, and the feeling of electric current in the legs began to become more common every day. It was fun to move the toes once a bird pecked and moxibustion for Zusanli. But the feeling of Guanyuan Point is not always there. It's probably moxibustion once every 3 to 5 days, but if you don't pursue it, it feels better. Anyway, the symptoms of cold legs are alleviated.
        This period of time lasted for half a year, constant moxibustion, and did not follow the 15-minute moxibustion written in the book, it just depends on the degree and time of your tolerance.
        During the February in 2019, I heard a moxa friend said that moxibustion is good for the waist back. I asked my father who practiced Qigong. My father said: The waist back is called an ice mountain in Qigong, and all the cold will gather in that part, like an iceberg. This starts moxibustion on the waist back.
        After the moxibustion started, the waist did not feel hot, because in the later stage, even if the moxibustion sticks was pressed to th skin as close as it can, it did not feel hot. I thought it might be due to insufficient firepower. I also used the four-hole moxibustion box, but That guy is too hot to bear.
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