Moxibustion benefits-more moxa sticks (second)

Moxibustion benefits-more moxa sticks

       On one day in April 2019, I had two red bumps on my back waist. It was very itchy, but it was not very itchy in normal times. When I moxibustion, I got itchy. The blog of the online teacher said it was detox reaction. In response, I applied moxa oil on this area and then moxibustion. After half a month, the itching gradually disappeared, and the red bumps began to peel off gradually. Finally, one day, I felt From the bottom of the moxibustion box, there was a stream of heat, from the bladder meridian to the feet, a thick stream of heat, to the little toes. Then the whole foot began to heat up.

        I know that the moxibustion sensation is coming. As soon as the moxibustion box is placed on the waist area, I feel a flow of heat starting to flow on the feet like hot water, and the whole feet are gradually warming up. Then I began to feel a burst of gas like blisters rushing out of the little toe along the hot stream. A few days later, there was no heat, and I felt that the bladder meridian was cold and cold, just like the entire meridian was filled with ice. I used 4 moxibustion sticks that day, and I slowly felt the ice-like sensation from my little toes. After running out, the heat flow slowly returned to the bladder meridian. After that, the legs felt more comfortable than ever before!
        After that, the heat flow from the bladder meridian is transferred to the kidney meridian through the little toes, and the same is true for the kidney meridian. Then the heat flow from the waist area is somehow transferred to the gallbladder meridian. The transmission rule is to first bladder meridian, kidney meridian, then gallbladder meridian, and slowly stomach meridian, spleen meridian, mainly there is no special order, just don't know what is going on, there will be meridian fever. It's amazing. Through moxibustion, I gradually learned these meridians on my legs. It is quite consistent with what the ancestors said. Worshiping the ancestors.
        Moxa fire spreads throughout the leg through the meridian, and slowly every place on the leg heats up, the most obvious is that it's a bit cold and it doesn't hurt anymore, but this kind of heat has layers, and it's not hot. It is over. After a period of heat, cool, then hot, and then cool again, the cold and heat of a meridian has experienced many repetitions. I think it may be that the cold and the heat of moxibustion are clashing.
        There is one more important benefit of moxibustion. I will talk about it now. It is to be able to lose weight. I slowly understand this, because when the moxa stick is placed in the Mingmen, the pulse gradually starts to heat up. This also takes half a month, and  then through the pulse, the belly button gradually becomes warmer. When it gets hot, the heat is transmitted to the abdomen through the belly button, and the belly begins to gurgle, and then it is exhausted. When moxibustion, 7-10 farts for more than an hour. During this period of time, I go to toilet 3-5 times per day, dark stools, very smelly, it should be the out of date stool mentioned in the book.
        Moxibustion Zhongwan will also have this feeling. During moxibustion, the stomach rumbling, like hot water flowing in the stomach. I'm not sure exactly when I started to lose weight. Anyway, I had 160 kg during the physical examination in July 2018, and 144 kg in April 2019, so don't mention it at that time. The belly is obviously small.
        From July 2018 to April 2019, I have been moxibusting Zusanli, Balao, Yaoyan, Mingmen, and occasionally moxibustion at Zhongwan acupoints. I only spent my time walking, eating lightly, and moxibustion. Moxibustion gradually improved the spirit.
One day when I was waiting for the bus, I was pushed by the person behind. As a result, I felt a line of waist pain when I sat down. I didn't pay much attention. As a result, after a few days, it took a lot of effort to sit and stand up. The lower back is sore, and I have to stand up and support the table.
        I asked Dr. Fu and his apprentice Dr. Zheng, first, he performed bone correction, and then massage. Massage was not the purpose. The massage was used to find out which muscles or nerve lumps were in the lower back, and then I used a needle to remove a yellow color. Chinese medicine was injected into the pimple. After 6 times of treatment, the effect was very obvious. After each treatment, you can feel a sticky and painful sensation on the Fengshi, Qimen, and Yinbao points on the legs. Moxibustion on the waist, I feel the fire of moxibustion in the meridian, flushing the sticky and cold substances in this meridian like clear water, and the moxibustion removes these sticky substances little by little. The upper acupuncture points rushed to the feet bit by bit along the meridian. The sticky feeling, I used an analogy like lard in a tube, and then washed the wall of the tube with warm water, and the lard slowly moved towards, the feeling of flowing downwards. During moxibustion, you can feel a kind of heat from the waist to the abdomen, shining like a hot beam on the belly, and then slowly heat to the internal organs, and it feels very strong. This time I usually use the 2-eye moxibustion box to burn, two moxibustion sticks at the same time.
        It is worth mentioning that before I treated my back pain, there was a broad bean-sized nodule on the side of my waist spine. After this powerful moxibustion, it disappeared.
        After six times, three week treatments and an experience of penetration moxibustion that I have never experienced before, my waist basically has no problems so far.
        After a wave of flatness, another wave, just right waist, my back has problems after a long business trip in the car, my back cramps, after the doctor's inspection, it is a cervical spine problem, I am almost depressed and dead. When I get old, everything is coming.
        Begin further treatment to perform the same treatment on the cervical spine, such as injections and moxibustion. After more than a month of moxibustion in Dazhui, the meridians on my hands basically felt hot until I wrote the article. Slowly the cervical spine and back began to feel comfortable. It seems that the revolutionary cause has further developed. The meridians on the hands are connected. Sometimes I can feel the heat from the front chest cavity to the lower abdomen. It should be the moxa fire slowly passing along the meridians to the internal organs.
       From July 2018 to now, I have been moxibustion for a year and a half. To sum up: Through moxibustion, back pain, cold old legs, cervical spondylosis and back pain are being treated. I believe that the six meridians of the hands are smooth, Cervical spondylosis and back pain should be cured in the near future.
        I initially calculated that the amount of moxa sticks I use is one stick a day (average calculated when moxibustion is two sticks and when moxibustion is not). Now, moxibustion is one and a half years, even if it is 500 days, it should be 50 boxes of moxibustion. The amount of it. At this stage of the body, I have slowly started to have a noticeable moxibustion sensation from no moxibustion to the treatment of moxibustion, but there are still a lot of impassable meridians in the body, which shows that I was far from caring about my body in the past.

My intermediate stage of moxibustion

        Under my guidance, my brother started moxibustion and bought more than 300 yuan of moxa sticks and moxibustion boxes. I gave him a lot of moxibustion meridian books to read. Since July 2019, he has also started moxibustion.
He felt moxibustion much faster than me when he moxibustion. It took me half a year to get a moxibustion sensation like hot water. But my brother is in better health and his meridians are smoother than mine. Two times of moxibustion, there is a flow of heat from the Mingmeng to the little toe. The pulse is also unblocked by the third time, a rush of heat flows to the feet and also to the navel, and then the meridians on the legs become unblocked quickly.
He used to have athlete's foot. He has had beriberi for more than ten years, and his feet are smelly. He loves to sweat his feet. In spring, summer, autumn and winter, he spends the winter with single shoes. He has not worn cotton shoes and spent the winter with single shoes. His feet are often wet and smelly.
        After moxa fire hits the foot, the beriberi part on the foot hurts like a needle. Slowly, the beriberi part on the foot begins to peel off, and the large pieces of skin fall down. The larger ones are the size of a five-cent coin, and the smaller ones, it's also about the size of a penny, and it's amazing that when moxa fire goes there, the athlete's foot is like a needle stick and then peels off. After all the skin of the feet is taken off, new tender skin will grow, and athlete's foot will be healed. Then the soles of the feet will start to peel. The order of peeling is layer by layer, and then one layer is finished. Take another layer.
        My brother's response to the disease is the same as mine, but I only vent to the level of wind and cold; the venting of wind is to feel the cold or hot wind from the toes of the body or the ends of the fingers. Fingers or toes feel windy. The hot wind feels like there is wind in a pipe, but there are some debris in the wind, such as branches, and the feeling that these debris are hitting the pipe. The wind is not the kind of warm air without impurities like moxibustion fire, but the kind of very hot air, just like the hot air blowing from the outdoor unit of an air conditioner in the sultry summer.
        The feeling of cold is generally congestion first, and then the cold gas or bubble-like gas is discharged from the meridian. Sometimes I feel that the entire meridian of the discharged disease gas is cold, as if the meridian is full of ice. .
Basically, I can only reach this level of disease elimination, but my brother's moxibustion's elimination of disease gas can further expel moisture and ice cold at the above wind and cold levels. The so-called moisture is said to be more difficult. For example, the moisture in the spleen meridian, when discharged from the toes, the whole toe feels like cramps and cannot be controlled. I have only experienced this feeling once recently. When my toes cramp, there is no sensation, but it is further In the process of expelling sickness, something that is harder and sticky will move slowly from the meridian to the toe. During the movement, the legs will feel like cramps. It takes a long time for this to be called. According to my brother's experience, it may take a few months before the moisture in some organs can be initially discharged.
       There is also a feeling of icy cold. I have never experienced this. I just heard from my brother that he used to have bad lungs. He often woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning with a variety of coughs, and often spit white sputum. During moxibustion, while expelling moisture, when lay down for a few days at night, the sweat on the front chest and back flowed out like springs, and the meridians of the body were expelling cold air, and felt as if a certain part of the body had been iced, following the movement sequence of the meridians, the disease gas is discharged. These disease gas is collected from all parts of the body to the back and waist, and then discharged from the bladder meridian, gallbladder meridian, stomach meridian, etc. to the feet. The cold air on the back of the feet is very cold, and feel heavy and feel cramped.
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