Moxibustion-assist yoga and Qigong exercise (end)

Moxibustion-assist yoga and Qigong exercise (end)

        Starting in March 2020, my brother began to show a stronger response to disease.
        My face was swollen and painful, and my entire headache was so painful that I was about to hit the wall. I insisted on moxibustion and took Chinese medicine for a week. I started to have pimple on the forehead of my face, and then a lot of sweat on the pimple, and then the pimple disappeared. After half of the face was swollen, I started to feel nauseous when I smelled oily smoke. I could not eat greasy things. I only ate millet gruel, noodle soup, and boiled vegetables in white water every day. According to Chinese medicine doctors, my face was swollen because of the extended stomach fire. So I can't eat greasy in the later stage, it is because the body is automatically adjusting the intestines and stomach.

        The summary of the above stage is basically that the wind and cold on the surface are discharged first, then the cold on the deeper level, and then the moisture. After the moisture is reduced to a certain degree, the ice in the body is slowly dissipating, very slowly. A process may take several months.
        During the period of removing sickness, I feel like diarrhea. I have stools many times a day, and the stools are black and smelly. This is to eliminate the sickness in the large intestine, small intestine, and stomach meridian, and the skin on the feet and hands are peeled. It is to remove the cold, the cramps on the feet are to remove the moisture, sweat along the meridians, and a certain part of the body is sweating a lot. When this kind of sweating, I feel that a certain acupoint in the meridian is like spring water, with big drops. The drops of sweat are spreading out, which is to eliminate the cold in the meridians. In the process of removing the ice and cold, there is still a feeling of backache, because the cold is gathered on the waist and then down to the feet. But there is one thing in common. Whether it is diarrhea or other sensations, the body's response is getting better and better, and the mental state is getting better and better.
        In my opinion, the essence of the process of eliminating disease Qi in the body is to help the body's Yang Qi fight disease Qi through moxibustion. Therefore, no matter in diet, daily life, or attitude, it is necessary to help the body's Yang Qi fight disease Qi, for example, must fall asleep before 11 o'clock in the evening, eat a light diet every day, do not eat cold food, do exercises such as brisk walking during the day, maintain a good attitude, get more exposure to the sun, keep the body in a state of not overworked, abstinence, do not use air conditioning in summer and fans and so on.
        By the way, through a deep understanding of the reaction to detox, I now understand. For example, some people said that athlete's foot cannot be cured because foot odor, and foot sweat are all detox reactions. What kind of drugs should be used for athlete's foot? To cure these foot diseases is to block the path of the body's discharge path, which will block the Qi into the body and cause more troublesome diseases. The pustules on the surface of the skin are also understood in this way, the fundamental way, moxibustion is a good way to get rid of the pathogens in the body through the method of Chinese medicine.
        Also, since I started practicing yoga in June (once every morning and evening, half an hour each time), I feel that the body's ailments have been exhausted more severely. Exercise is positive. Through the combination of movement and static, it is more suitable to treat diseases in the body.

The ultimate stage of my moxibustion

        I gave my father moxibustion in May last year. My father has Qigong exercise for more than ten years. The meridians are well connected. When I practice Qigong, I can feel that the Qi is running in the body and it is smooth.
        I gave him moxibustion using the moxibustion box. Each moxibustion takes about 45 minutes. Moxibustion point: Mingmen point
        1. The first stage of moxibustion:
        On the first day of moxibustion, he could feel a thick flow of heat flowing along the bladder meridian to the legs and then to the feet; Moxibustion on the second day, he can feel the heat flow on the whole foot, and then the whole leg is hot when going up; On the third day of moxibustion, he could feel that the moxa fire was hot from the waist to the knee. After being scalded for about ten minutes, the burning sensation disappeared. The moxa fire descended from the knee and the whole leg became hot again;
        On the fourth day of moxibustion, he realized that the moxa fire moves upward along the inner thigh, and the whole thigh is hot, and it feels hot when passing through the base of the thigh;
        After five days of moxibustion, he realized that the moxa fire moves upward along the inner thighs. The whole thigh becomes warm. After the hot sensation at the base of the thigh disappears, it moves upward again. The whole stomach becomes warm.   After the heat is warm, the heart is warmed. The sensation of heat continued for a day; it is estimated that moxa fire should have opened up the kidney meridian and came to the pericardial meridian.
        On the sixth day of moxibustion, the heat in the heart disappeared, the heat in the legs disappeared, and the stomach was hot. Moxa followed the stomach upwards until the collarbone disappeared;
        After slowly moxibustion, all the meridians on the hands and head have heat flow, and there is no moxibustion sensation transmission.
        2. The second stage of moxibustion:
        About ten days later, when he feel a moxibustion at Mingmen or Guanyuan point, the whole body will become hot in the order of slowly spreading from the moxibustion part to the whole body.
        3. The third stage of moxibustion:
        At present, moxibustion is generally twice a month, with health moxibustion as the standard, each time for ten minutes. After moxibustion, the whole body will feel warm in about a minute, especially on the legs and stomach. This kind of warming can last for more than ten days. People who are 70 years old are now wearing better than those of the same age. There are few people, and it doesn't feel cold when it's windy outside, and the belly and legs are warm.
        At the ultimate stage, the cold is exhausted, moxibustion can get no moxibustion in any part of the body, and the body stays warm for a long time. At this stage, moxibustion is not possible. According to Wang Zheng Long's moxibustion method, it is necessary to look for a good Chinese medicine practitioner receives the residual fire from moxibustion, and moxibustion will not be possible in the future. Moxibustion belongs to Yang. Too much Yang can hurt Yin.
        Something magical happened at this stage: the crusty skin on my father's fingers disappeared, and the opening on the heel that had been cracked for decades was also closed. After the heel was peeled, the thick skin was gone, and it was no longer cracked.
        Moxibustion is Yang fire, which can open up the meridians in the body and remove cold pathogens. The best result is that it can remove part of the Yin and cold Qi from the body through moxibustion, making the Yang Qi greater than the Yin and cold Qi. Of course, at the same time, yoga, walking, jogging, healthy eating, good mentality and sleep should also be adopted to nourish Yang Qi, so that Yang Qi can fill the space left after the Yin and cold Qi is removed. Yang Qi slowly arises, Yin and cold Qi is slowly removed, the meridians will gradually become smoother, and the body will slowly get better. But at the beginning of moxibustion, there is a better way to practice the Zhen Qi movement method to remove the cold Qi from the body and cultivate the Yang Qi, and the removal effect will be better.
        But a body like me cannot rely entirely on moxibustion. It needs to be based on the zhen Qi movement method, supplemented by moxibustion, to help open up the 12 meridians and the Ren and Du two meridians to remove cold evil. At the same time, the Zhen Qi generated through practice can fill the space left by cold evil in time and avoid the repeated invasion of cold evil.
        Mainly based on the traditional Qigong of the Chinese motherland, moxibustion assists the passage of the meridians, and a healthy life that nourishes Yang Qi (sunlight mentality, jogging, yoga, healthy eating, adequate sleep, etc.), I think it's what I have been focusing on in the past few years to sum up.

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