Why do people to go on a diet to lose weight basically fail?

Why do people to go on a diet to lose weight basically fail?

      Weight loss, whether for obese people or girls who want to lose weight, is always a topic worthy of attention. There are many ways to help you lose weight, and there are many different weight-loss tutorials. But it happens that many people will choose to go on a diet to lose weight to start their weight loss plan.
        "No food after lunch", "One meal a day", "Apple weight loss method", "No dinner", etc. are all the ways they choose to lose weight on a diet. Even more radical is the way to lose weight one day by drinking only water and not eating anything. Losing weight does not mean that you can succeed by defeating your own will. Going on a diet to lose weight sounds beautiful, but the result is more scary than you can imagine.

        Frequent going on a diet will reduce the basal metabolic rate, and once it decreases, it is difficult to rise again. As the energy consumed to maintain life is getting lower and lower, eating a little bit will make it easier to grow flesh. Today, I will explain to you what are the adverse effects of going on a diet and weight loss on your body~
What is the principle of weight loss?
        The basic principle of weight loss is very simple, that is, when you consume more calories than the calories you take in, and when there is a deficit in your intake at a certain stage, your body will break down fat to make up for the deficit, so you can naturally lose weight.
        The calories consumed are a combination of basal metabolic calories and calories consumed by exercise. The first is basal metabolic calories, which is the energy we need to maintain basic breathing and heartbeat. Secondly, exercise consumes calories. As long as you are not lying still, everything you do is called physical activity, which can also help us consume energy.
        The basal metabolism of an adult is about 1200-1600 kcal per day. Affected by their respective lifestyles, each person's basal metabolism value is different. The average basal metabolism of men is higher than that of women; when your weight is larger, the value of basal metabolism is higher; when you get older, the basal metabolism is lower.
Is going on a diet alone really effective?
        It takes about 7700 kcal to lose one kilogram of fat. If you simply rely on diet, if you lose 500 kcal a day, it will take about 15 days to lose 1 kilogram. 500 kcal is about a little more than 1 croissant.
        The daily basal metabolism of adults is at least about 1200 kcal, which means that our daily minimum dietary intake of calories must be guaranteed to be 1200 kcal. If we only eat 1027 kcal a day by going on a diet, it is almost nothing to eat. Now, such a diet will definitely have a health impact on the body. Diet alone is an impossible task, even if it can be reduced, it will have a substantial impact on the body.
        Moreover, in the early stages of going on a diet to lose weight, the reduced fat content is minimal, and the least is basically muscle protein and water. One catty of muscle protein needs to be combined with three and a half catties of water, so dieters will be very pleased to find that as long as they diet for a short period of time, their weight will drop in a rush. But this method will harm our health.
Diet to lose weight is actually a taboo to lose weight
        Because going on a diet loses weight is mainly muscle protein and water, it will also lead to an increase in body fat rate. Although dieters have lost weight, their bodies have not become better. On the contrary, due to the reduction in metabolic rate, they are likely to form a "easy to get fat but harder to lose" physique, which is not conducive to health in the long run.
        The essence of weight loss is to lose excess body fat. The principle is to achieve fat metabolism through the control of calorie intake. The specific method is to adopt a low-calorie, balanced nutrition diet. Low-calorie is to allow fat to burn itself, and balanced nutrition is for The body provides enough power to make it healthier.
        Going on a diet to lose weight seems to have lost weight in a short period of time, but people still look so fat and sick. The reason is that the fat of the same weight is much larger than muscle, and the fat has not been lost, so even if there is a change in weight, it still looks very fat. Secondly, the physical impact of going on a diet is the most worrying issue. The endocrine disorders caused by malnutrition, the increase of acne, the yellowish hair and even the hair loss.
What is the most reasonable way to lose weight?
        90% of people who lose weight solely through “going on a diet” have a tendency to “bulimize” after regaining their appetite. They eat more than they did before weight loss, and their weight will “retaliate” rebound. Exercise + reasonable diet is the kingly way to lose weight. A more popular expression is: keep your mouth shut and open your legs.
Seeing this, many friends will ask: What kind of exercise is best for weight loss? Exercise, whether it is running, cycling, fitness or swimming, even walking, will consume your calories, but there will be some difference in the amount of energy consumed.
        Some sports, such as running, brisk walking, and cycling, because of the low threshold for sports, no special equipment, venues, or equipment are required. Almost everyone can do it easily, and as long as they reach a certain duration, they can consume more calories, so This kind of exercise is often regarded as a "weight loss exercise".
        Some exercises, such as HIIT, consume a lot of calories per unit of time and will continue to burn calories after exercise. Therefore, they are praised by many fitness coaches and weight loss people and are regarded as "efficient weight loss exercises."
to sum up
        For people who need to lose weight, they all want to see the effect early, so they will inevitably choose a high-efficiency weight loss exercise. Therefore, running, cycling, HIIT and other sports are the first choices for the masses to lose weight. No matter what kind of sport, you need to persist for a period of time, and quantitative changes can achieve qualitative changes. Generally, you need to persist for a month first, and you will feel a little brisk. If you persist for 2-3 months, the people around you will find your changes.

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