How to get rid of genital warts

How to get rid of genital warts

        The following treatment experience of a patient with genital warts, share it with friends in need.
        The purpose of writing this article is for people who are troubled by genital warts, I have been troubled by this disease, asking people how to treat it, and constantly looking for treatment methods online. Unfortunately, there are too many different opinions on the Internet, and I don't know who to believe. The following is to share how I treat genital warts.
First of all, the mentality must be put in place. You must know that this is not a terminal illness. This is caused by the hpv virus. 95% of the patients' hpv virus will be eliminated within two years, even without any treatment. Many people have hpv virus in their bodies but do not have any symptoms of genital warts, because their human immunity is strong, so they are not reflected. Then we can learn that a very important treatment for genital warts is to strengthen the body's immunity! Immunity ! Eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise moderately to improve immunity.

        Secondly, there is a vaccine for hpv. Although the vaccine is generally recommended for people under 29 years old, many clinical trials have shown that even if infected with the hpv vaccine, it is still effective! ! I am in Canada. The doctors here recommended me to get the vaccine. The vaccine was given three times. After a period of time after the first getting, I disappeared from the genital warts. In the next three months, I got a second time. No episodes. So I strongly recommend vaccination. Several doctors here recommend vaccination. In fact, in Canada, children are required to receive the HPV vaccine and are included in the free medical program, so we can see the importance! Vaccine! vaccine! The name of the vaccine is Gardisal! !
        The last thing is to remove the genital warts body. I did not do any photodynamic therapy because Canada does not. They never think this is a big problem. They all use liquid nitrogen freezing method, which is to spray liquid nitrogen on the genital warts body about 5 times. It will fall off in 4-5 days. This is probably repeated several times, because they are tenacious, and small and sharp are not easy to see with the naked eye. I check it once a week, and the liquid nitrogen freezes the data once, which lasted about 8 weeks. For two months, the surface was cleaned and the gardisal vaccine was given during the treatment.
        The last thing I want to say is that this is really not a terminal illness! Don't think it's the end of the world. People may think your sex life is chaotic, but I want to say that it's because of their misconceptions! Even if you have only one sexual partner, it is possible to have HPV. I have chatted with several doctors and they said that if you have sex, 95% of you may have HPV. It is conceivable that most people have strong immunity. Adjust your mentality and get a vaccine! Physical therapy cleans up the warts. After eating well and sleeping for a few months, it will be better! !

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