How to improve insomnia

How to improve insomnia

   Insomnia has become a norm nowadays. At least three out of ten office workers suffer from insomnia. Then do you know how to improve insomnia?
Causes of insomnia
   1. The effects of drugs and alcohol
   People who are dependent on sedative and hypnotic drugs often have stubborn sleep disorders. The more the dose of the drug is used, the more pronounced insomnia occurs when the drug is stopped or reduced. People who take stimulants for a long time also suffer from insomnia. After middle age, a person becomes sensitive to caffeine. Maybe he developed the habit of drinking strong tea or coffee at night when he was young. It did not affect sleep at that time. However, after middle age, insomnia will become more pronounced. Not aware that this long-term habit is actually the cause of insomnia.

   2. Factors of sleep environment
Some people are accustomed to sleeping in a fixed environment. They can't sleep when they change rooms or beds. At this time, what we call "recognizing the bed", there are noise, strong light, cold, hot, uncomfortable beds, Squeezing to sleep and external factors such as fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and rats can cause insomnia, but generally speaking, this type of insomnia may only be short-lived.
   3. circadian rhythm disorder
   Taking a long-distance trip by air, the change of jet lag will disturb the sleep rhythm and cause insomnia. Some people suddenly change to night shifts and cannot fall asleep during the day and night, and need a longer time to adapt. One of the reasons for insomnia is that the individual's biological clock does not match the rhythm of life.
   4. Psychological factors
   Generally speaking, when I am in a state of depression or anxiety; I often worry about being unable to fall asleep, and as a result, I want to fall asleep even more when I lie in bed. I also think about certain issues when I go to bed, and I can't let go or let go. There are also people who are afraid of the dark, afraid of nightmares, afraid of going to bed and not waking up, etc. Excessive excitement before going to bed caused by any reason prevents falling asleep.
Ways to improve insomnia
   1. Avoid using your brain before going to bed
   If you have the habit of working and studying at night, you must do more brain-intensive things first, and then do more light-hearted things in order to relax your mind and make it easier to fall asleep. Otherwise, if the brain is in a state of excitement, it will be difficult to fall asleep even when lying in bed, and insomnia will easily develop over time.
   2. back to thoughts
   Lie on the bed and try to think about my day, trying not to miss any details. This method is because in the process of recalling, your vision and hearing will be highly concentrated, so as to adjust the brain nerves to the best state suitable for sleep.
   3. rolling eyes method
   Close your eyes, then slowly roll your eyes three times. According to experts, when people are in a sleep state, their eyes will keep turning, so this method is to simulate the eye movement in a sleeping state. It will stimulate the secretion of melatonin (sleep-aid hormone) and make you fall asleep quickly.
   4. squeeze relaxation method
   Lie down on the bed and breathe deeply with the nose, while bending and squeezing the toes together, slowly relax after reaching the end of the endurance, and so on. This method uses the principle that relaxing the muscles of the whole body can help sleep, because the movement of curling your toes can further affect the muscles of your thighs, abdomen and upper limbs until you feel tired and fall asleep quickly.
   5. Develop a fixed habit
  Good night life habits can effectively let your body tell you when it's time to go to bed. You can use some small habitual movements to prepare before going to bed. For example, reading a few pages of novels, spending 5 to 10 minutes doing some meditation, or stretching. It is also very important to go to bed and wake up regularly every day-even on weekends.

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