The Super Bowl Is Growing Thanks To Social Media

The Super Bowl Is Growing Thanks To Social Media

The NFL is the sports league with the greatest commercial success and media impact. Its success is due to the skillful management of its image and brand through an important marketing and advertising strategy. Alliances with brands such as Nike, which dresses all the teams, or with television channels, in the U.S. and abroad, are examples of this, and now this reach reaches social media.

Social media, brands and the Super Bowl have proven to be connected in recent years, thus driving virtual interaction and expansion of the sporting event. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and others have become fundamental for sharing information and NFL odds, and driving greater international interest in the Super Bowl.

The Advantages of Social Media

Today, social media has become an essential avenue for the population worldwide due to different factors, including the opportunity to connect with their closest social circles, online purchases and sales, the ability to meet people, closely follow the media, influencers, and sports broadcasts, among endless other advantages.

A recent study showed that 62.5% of the world's population already has access to the Internet, with the consequence that approximately 58% of the world's people are already connected. They can always be found in one of the different social media outlets, where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also Tiktok stand out.

The high flow of user traffic generated by these digital platforms has managed to be taken advantage of by brands of all kinds, including those belonging to the sports industry, restaurants, streaming, etc. They register significant income through the transmission of sporting events, where some, in particular, have proven to be favorites by users and brands.

Additional data by Statista shows the ranking of sporting events by brand value in the world during 2019. The Super Bowl managed to position itself in first place with $780 million, in second place the Summer Olympics with $375 million, the FIFA World Cup with $282 million and WrestleMania with $245 million.

The Super Bowl has proven to be one of the most important sporting events today, where hundreds of brands involve their efforts to adopt the trend as much as possible. Their goal is the same - to position themselves before the eyes of millions of viewers around the world.

The Super Bowl And Brands On Social Media

Brands that offer their products and services to all types of markets can benefit from holding this sporting event if they choose to use the necessary strategies. This is a fact that today can be achieved relatively easily with the use of social media and with a little creativity.

Over the years, and with the increase in users on social media, companies have consistently shown themselves to be gaining ground in the virtual environment thanks to the Super Bowl and the presence of NFL lines there. This has allowed them to increase their audience reach and expand their digital presence considerably.

This was achieved thanks to the implementation of different initiatives, which take advantage of social media to promote different campaigns. Many of these reach audiences that would have never engaged the brand if it weren't for social media.

Brands that opt ​​to jump on the Super Bowl trend, whether through a few game-related social media posts or even creative activations around the event, elevate their image in the mind of the NFL fanatic consumer. This is because they share and accompany each other in the same passion, a fact that allows them an effective positioning in the digital world.

Fan Participation Increases, As Well

The NFL and consumer brands aren't the only ones to benefit from social media. Fans participate more, as well, which also allows them to expand their reach. Twitter is one of the most committed to sports leagues as part of its strategy to be attractive to users and fans to get out of the jam in which it has been for months. Regularly, users can find Vegas NFL odds on every game, often with analysis.

Another example is Facebook. The social network with the largest reach in the world has a function that offers users to share on their wall that they are following or enjoying a sporting event, including NFL games.


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