Technological Trends in Online Video Gaming: Five Trends to Know

Technological Trends in Online Video Gaming: Five Trends to Know

The billion-dollar global video game business is one of the first places many people get their hands on the many digital developments impacting our lives. This applies to artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, VR, and AR, especially to the current hottest term: the Metaverse. It has even influenced the online gambling world. If you check an online casino guide you will see how that influences the industry.

Gamers today are accustomed to exploring realistic 3D landscapes and interacting with hundreds and thousands of other players in real-time. The infrastructure deployed by the game developer to make this possible is based on the latest technologies, including his ultra-fast 5G and cloud networks and powerful processors.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two developments that have gaming roots. Virtual reality elements have also been added to video games and casino games, and both are seen as future technological trends.

Virtual reality games are already on the market. Some Norwegian casino sites already have them, but it will take time before they are available worldwide. Currently, the hardware required to make these games widely available is expensive. Too much, but VR offers something other games don't. This tech trend will take years to develop, but it will undoubtedly transform the gaming industry today.

AR-enabled online casinos are becoming more and more possible. Additional information is added to these to give players an immersive experience unmatched in physical locations. Imagine touching the table and checking your limits without reading a book.

Technology trends that seemed distant a decade ago are now breathtaking. VR lets you see your game from perspectives you never imagined possible. Of course, you'll need VR goggles or similar gear. It may be expensive now but should become cheaper as the trend progresses.

Cloud Gaming

Since the introduction of home video games in the 1970s, gamers have consistently learned to update a new console or system to enjoy the latest and most outstanding titles. However, the paradigm may no longer be valid.

Nearly every major player in the video game industry sells games through cloud-based subscription services, including Microsoft, Sony, Google, Nvidia, Tencent, and Amazon.

With this concept, gamers no longer need to keep expensive, power-hungry devices like consoles and PC GPUs at home and can replace them with smart TVs and mobile streaming systems such as Chromecast and FireTV.

A cloud data center is the hub for everything, and streaming video acts as an output for the home. As ultra-fast networks like 5G continue to gain popularity, more people than ever before can access this new mode of game delivery.

It's no surprise that dedicated home gaming systems will disappear from our lives, but 2022 will be the year industry leaders invest more money in their vision of a cloud-based streaming future.


Several gamers are participating in the virtual worlds to enjoy different types of entertainment. From chess and bridge to sports, shooting, and other genres, Facebook and Microsoft talk more about ambitions to create immersive online gaming worlds for gamers.

The concept of the in-game universe keeps growing to add various forms of entertainment, such as music performances you can enjoy or branded marketing "pop-ups." It is all about the experience. The largest franchises and games continue to update themselves as "platforms," ensuring they can offer a more comprehensive option for user experiences.

Meanwhile, others will find accommodation in the industry to participate in conversing, networking, or shared engagement. At the same time, many people want to kickstart their Call of Duty game from the last checkpoint.

Crypto and NFTs

In a somewhat controversial move, some major game developers, such as Square Enix and Ubisoft, have started using non-fungible tokens as a mechanism for players to win, earn and trade exclusives in their games. (NFT) announced plans to integrate. Some of these initiatives will begin to materialize in 2022.

Another emerging trend is the proliferation of "play to earn" games that offer cryptocurrency rewards to players for participating in regular play. Over a million people use his Axie Infinity daily; some even earn as much as $250 daily. This is a perfect reward in some developing countries where games are popular!

Wearable Apps

Mobile gaming applications are widespread today. You can be with your computer or laptop when you can play on the go. Many other aspects of business are changing, and in a few years, we may be able to connect to casinos via portable technology and applications.

You still need to use your smartwatch for online casino games. But as technology advances, new opportunities arise. We will be okay if some casino game support is built into the smartwatch. They will spread very quickly.


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