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The digital revolution has changed many people's lives, and the sports industry is no exception.
The NBA and its clubs have been particularly receptive to innovative concepts and an onslaught of innovation. The league now uses advanced stats, wearable technology, and other innovations.

Since social media has blown up with many platforms around today, the growth has influenced many industries, including NFL. You can make NFL picks by going through your social media timeline. Innovation brings a lot of exciting things to sports because it makes them better and more engaging.

The billion-dollar global video game business is one of the first places many people get their hands on the many digital developments impacting our lives. This applies to artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, VR, and AR, especially to the current hottest term: the Metaverse. It has even influenced the online gambling world. If you check an online casino guide you will see how that influences the industry.

Tech isn’t used in sports only because the technology exists and it’s becoming better every year, they used it because it became necessary in some situations. For example, having a challenge in tennis where everyone can check if the ball hit the line or not is necessary in order to make the game correct. This is happening with every other sport including football where the NFL is the biggest league.

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