Today's article is a traditional Chinese medicine physician's experience in treating eye floaters. I share it with friends who have eye floaters but are helpless. I hope it can help.
        This Chinese medicine practitioner is always working; he can always encounter some people asking him some questions about his body; a few people complain to him for a period of time as if something is flying in front of him, or there is a cloud floating in front of him, or It seems that the eyes are blocked by something. Their vision is getting blurred, and it's getting harder and harder to look at things.

        Starting in March 2020, my brother began to show a stronger response to disease.
        My face was swollen and painful, and my entire headache was so painful that I was about to hit the wall. I insisted on moxibustion and took Chinese medicine for a week. I started to have pimple on the forehead of my face, and then a lot of sweat on the pimple, and then the pimple disappeared. After half of the face was swollen, I started to feel nauseous when I smelled oily smoke. I could not eat greasy things. I only ate millet gruel, noodle soup, and boiled vegetables in white water every day. According to Chinese medicine doctors, my face was swollen because of the extended stomach fire. So I can't eat greasy in the later stage, it is because the body is automatically adjusting the intestines and stomach.

       On one day in April 2019, I had two red bumps on my back waist. It was very itchy, but it was not very itchy in normal times. When I moxibustion, I got itchy. The blog of the online teacher said it was detox reaction. In response, I applied moxa oil on this area and then moxibustion. After half a month, the itching gradually disappeared, and the red bumps began to peel off gradually. Finally, one day, I felt From the bottom of the moxibustion box, there was a stream of heat, from the bladder meridian to the feet, a thick stream of heat, to the little toes. Then the whole foot began to heat up.

        If moxibustion is divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels, then I use 500 moxa sticks for one and a half years and slowly enter the elementary stage; everyone’s physical condition is different, maybe because my body is too cold , But I persevered. And then I will tell you my experience of moxibustion benefits with my family.

My elementary stage of moxibustion:
        I started using moxibustion in July 2018. At that time, my main physical problem was my legs. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, my legs were cold. I wore long trousers in summer and cotton trousers in winter. I went to the hospital, the doctor said it was superficial phlebitis. He prescribed Chinese medicine for about three months. I couldn't take it anymore, because after taking the medicine, my stomach swelled after 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I had to fart. I asked the doctor. The doctor said it was a gastrointestinal reaction to the medicine and the medicine should be stopped. There is no way, only by oneself.

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