High myopia prone to eye floaters

High myopia prone to eye floaters
High myopia prone to eye floaters

        After a person reaches middle age, many people will occur eye floaters, which is related to aging. However, there is another group of young people who are also susceptible to eye floaters, that is, patients with high myopia.
Why eye floaters favor high myopia patients?
        If the human eyeball is likened to a balloon, the higher the myopia, the longer the eye axis, the larger the balloon is blown, and the density of the vitreous body changes. Some places are "dense" and some places are "sparse". Then "mosquitoes" will appear. In addition, the higher the degree of myopia, the thinner the retina, and the more likely to have retinal tears and detachments. Once a retinal detachment or tear occurs, a large number of eye floaters will also appear.
Where did the mosquitoes come from?
        This is a visual symptom similar to flying mosquitoes. It is generally caused by the opacity of the vitreous of the eye. The vitreous is similar to a large transparent jelly. As we age, the vitreous gel gradually degenerates. The concentrated and aggregated gel will cast shadows on the retina, just like a transparent jelly (vitreous body). The subtle "impurities" will visually appear similar to the symptoms of flying mosquitoes.
eye floaters are getting younger and younger
        In the past, eye floaters were more common among middle-aged and elderly people. As smart phones and tablet computers become more and more common, adults are playing, and children also like to play. Many people still hold their smart phones to play at night before going to bed, and their eyes have become a burdensome organ. Overuse of the eyes easily leads to more and more eye diseases, and eye floaters are one of them.
When should we pay attention to eye floaters
        Among eye floaters, most are "good mosquitoes", and a small part are "bad mosquitoes". "Good mosquitoes" are generally caused by excessive eye use or aging, so there is no need to worry too much. If the eye floaters phenomenon only occurs accidentally, after a period of time, the eye floaters phenomenon does not aggravate or change, and the position of the eye floaters is also fixed, it is mostly benign.
        Be careful if you have the following symptoms: sudden increase in eye floaters and impair your vision, abnormal flashes in front of your eyes, sudden fixed black shadows or fog-like occlusions in front of your eyes, visual field defects, vision loss, etc., you should seek medical attention immediately and receive detailed ophthalmology an examination.
What should I do if I have eye floaters
        In most cases, eye floaters are normal and do not require special treatment. However, if the eye floaters appear for a long time, even if the number of eye floaters is increasing, or there is a flash of lightning in front of your eyes, which obviously affects your eyesight, you should see a doctor for examination. It is most likely a sign of fundus disease.
        For high myopia, if eye floaters frequently occur, it is recommended that you develop the habit of checking your eyes regularly.


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