Urticaria (Hives) treatment of TCM

Urticaria (Hives) treatment of TCM
Urticaria (Hives) treatment of TCM

        Urticaria is the name of modern medicine. Food, drugs, infections, inhalants, physical factors and even mental factors are closely related to the occurrence of urticaria. Modern medicine believes that its pathogenesis is the activation of mast cells to release histamine and other inflammatory mediators to cause blood vessels dilation and increased vascular permeability lead to dermal edema.
        In traditional Chinese medicine, "addiction rash", "ghost wind lump", "rubella block", and "red white travel wind" all belong to the category of urticaria. Urticaria is a common recurring skin and mucosal allergic disease. According to statistics, 15%~25% Of people have it happened at least once in their lives. Modern medicine treatment of urticaria has problems such as low cure rate, poor long-term efficacy, drug resistance or dependence, and heavy economic burden. At present, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of urticaria mostly adopts the methods of promoting blood circulation, dispelling wind, extinguishing wind, clearing heat, and detoxifying, etc., and the clinical effect is good.
        1. Liver
        Modern Chinese medicine's understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of urticaria inherits the main point of view of ancient physicians, that is to say, the main condition is still the actions of "wind evil". Of course, the "wind evil" here includes both induced external wind evil. It also includes endogenous wind evil. The liver is belong to the wind, and the wind plays an important role in the occurrence and development of urticaria.
        At the same time, disharmony of Qi and blood is the basic pathogenesis of urticaria, and the liver plays an important role in reconciling Qi and blood. First of all, the liver regulates the Qi machine and emotions; the liver also stores blood and regulates venting. Modern people are prone to emotional stress, anxiety and depression due to heavy life and work pressures. Liver depression loses its ability to regulate the body's Qi for a long time, and then there is a loss of Qi and blood, so the incidence of urticaria is also increasing.
        2. Spleen and stomach
        Although the occurrence of urticaria is related to external physical and chemical factors, the internal environment of the body is the key, and the existence of deficiency, phlegm, and blood stasis is the top priority.
        The spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired nature, the source of energy and blood producing. Acquired deficiency of the spleen and stomach, lack of Qi and blood producing, resulting in insufficient Qi and blood, the lack of qi deficiency and external protection can easily cause external wind to attack the skin and stay on the skin, blood deficiency can not nourish the skin, and blood deficiency is prone to wind, and there will be wind masses and itching The spleen and stomach coexist in the middle Jiao, and govern the movement and transformation. If the spleen Qi is insufficiency, the water and food or water dampness will not be normalized, and it will easily lead to turbid phlegm, dampness and turbidity in the skin, or in conjunction with the wind, is accumulated in the skin, and developing an urticaria.
        At the same time, a considerable part of patients with urticaria due to long-term skin itching, restless sleep and eating, and excessive worrying, eventually lead to spleen deficiency and food loss, and then aggravate the disease or frequent attacks, that is, the onset and the disease are closely related to the spleen deficiency. Chinese medicine has also achieved good clinical effects in the treatment of urticaria based on the principle of regulating the spleen and stomach, which further proves that the onset of urticaria is related to the spleen and stomach.
        3. Lung
        The lung governs the Qi and the breath, and the skin and fur in the body, and the surface of the body. Exogenous feelings dominated by wind evil can cause urticaria. The lungs dominate the skin, the lungs are weak and the Qi is not strong, and the wind is attacking the surface. The discord between the Qi and blood is an important cause of urticaria: the lungs are not strong, the wind-cold or wind-heat evil beats the skin, or spreads to the lungs. Other internal organs cause acute urticaria due to the imbalance between the Qi and blood. Chronic urticaria is usually due to the long course of the disease, both Qi and Yin are injured, the deficiency of Qi and the body are not strong and easy to be invaded by evil, the deficiency of Yin and blood are dry and the wind will eventually lead to internal and external harmony. Seek in the same way, it will happen when encountering cold, encountering heat or encountering labor.
        4. Kidney
         The onset of urticaria is generally based on congenital physical factors, induced by wind, cold, dampness, heat, or careless eating, or internal injuries of seven emotions. The kidney is "the foundation of the innate", which contains the inner Yin and Yang, which is the foundation of Yin and Yang. Chronic urticaria occurs repeatedly and does not heal for a long time. Eventually, it will damage the body's Yin, essence and blood, causing kidney Yin deficiency, and further development may cause both Yin and Yang to be damaged.
        Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the "base of the viscera, the root of the twelve meridians, the base of breathing, and the source of the triple Jiao". Therefore, some scholars have proposed that intractable and refractory chronic urticaria is closely related to kidney deficiency, so when it comes to treatment the relationship between kidney Yin and kidney Yang, should be carefully observed to maintain the dynamic balance between the two.
        Modern medicine believes that certain types of urticaria, such as hereditary familial urticaria syndrome, familial cold urticaria, delayed familial, and localized hot urticaria, are related to genetic factors. This coincides to some extent with the kidney being the innate foundation.
        Dialectical typing:
        1. Wind-cold type
        The color of the wind group is pale red or pale, which occurs on the exposed parts of the head, face, hands, feet, etc. The skin lesions increase after exposure to wind and cold, and the temperature is slow, and the winter is heavy and the summer is light; the tongue is fat and pale, the coating is white, and the pulse is floating tight or slow. .
        It is suitable to expel wind and cold, reconcile Qi and blood, and use Jing Fang Bai Du Cao powder to add and subtract.
        2. Wind-heat type
        The onset is rapid, the wind group is red and burning, and if it is hot, it is accompanied by fever and sore throat; the tongue is red, the coating is thin and yellow, and the pulse is floating. Sang Ju soup is used as a prescription.
        3. Blood heat type
        First feel the skin burning and itching, immediately after scratching, there will be wind masses or streaks bulging, more and more scratches, especially at night, upset and restless when rash occurs, dry mouth thinking about drinking; red tongue, thin yellow coating, pulse thready and rapid.
        The prescription should be used to clear heat and cool blood, eliminate wind and relieve itching, and use Xiao Feng power to add or subtract.
        4. Spleen deficiency type
        The wind is unhealed, accompanied by cold form, cold limbs, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea; pale tongue, white coating, deep and moderate pulse. It is suitable for the prescriptions are Fu Zi Li Zhong soup and Gui Zhi soup.
        5. Blood deficiency type
        The wind group recurs and persists for a long time, and it occurs more often in the afternoon or night, or worsens when tired; the tongue is red, less fluid or weak in texture, and the pulse is deep and thready. For the treatment of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, evacuation of wind evil, the addition and subtraction of Dang Gui Yin Zi is used.


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