How to deal with baby eczema

How to deal with baby eczema
How to deal with baby eczema

How to deal with baby eczema
   1. Cold compress
   Apply cold compresses to baby every day, soak clean gauze in cold water every day, and apply it to the place where eczema grows. This is very good for reducing eczema. Cold compress can effectively alleviate the symptoms of eczema.
   2. Choose hormone-free products
   In general, do not apply hormone-containing products to babies. Once the drug is stopped, the baby's eczema may recur and become very serious. Choose hormone-free products to prevent future problems.
How to care for baby eczema
   1. Daily hygiene
   Always bathe with clean water, try to avoid bathing and skin care products containing chemicals; keep stool smooth, sleep adequately, do touches or do baby exercises every day, exercise the baby's gastrointestinal function, and enhance the body's anti-allergy ability.
   2. Daily care
   The room should be ventilated frequently to keep the indoor air fresh.
   3. Baby dressing
   Be careful that your baby's clothing is as permeable as possible, soft, pure cotton or soft fabrics, and do not wear chemical fiber fabrics. Both inner and outer clothing should avoid wool fabrics and fleece sweaters. It is best to wear cotton jackets, quilted jackets, flannel sweaters, etc.


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