Can it lower blood sugar to eat cinnamon?

Can it lower blood sugar to eat cinnamon?
Can it lower blood sugar to eat cinnamon?

        Some people have heard that eating cinnamon can lower blood sugar, or that they can eat cinnamon for diabetes. Cinnamon is commonly used as a Chinese medicinal herbs and a spice. Diabetic patients can consume it in moderation. Cinnamon can be used to help blood sugar control, but it cannot replace blood sugar drugs.
        The main active substance of cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde, which can resist inflammation and oxidation. Studies have also found that cinnamon can reduce blood sugar by delaying gastric emptying, inhibiting glycolytic enzymes, increasing insulin sensitivity, glucose uptake into cells, and enhancing the mechanism of insulin receptor information, and lower blood sugar.
        In a comprehensive study, 5 studies found that 1 to 3 grams of cinnamon powder was used to intervene in type 2 diabetic patients for a period of 6 to 16 weeks, with lower fasting blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin. Another study showed that adding the same amount of cinnamon powder to carbohydrate foods, had lower postprandial blood glucose compared to the control group without addition. Cinnamon is also rich in fiber, can delay gastric emptying and increase satiety, and has the effect of reducing blood fat and body fat.
        Cinnamon powder purchased from Chinese medicinal hers has a high coumarin content, a long-term overdose may harm liver and kidney function. It is recommended to choose Ceylon cinnamon. The daily consumption should not exceed 6g, and it can be added to coffee or water.


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