Nearly 30% of COVID-19 dead have gotten vaccinated, UK will be unblocked for one month

Nearly 30% of COVID-19 dead have gotten vaccinated, UK will be unblocked for one month
Nearly 30% of COVID-19 dead have gotten vaccinated, UK will be unblocked for one month

        More than 60% of the people in the UK have been vaccinated, and 44.2% of the population have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. However, in the past month 42 patients in England have died of the Delta variant virus, and 12 people have been vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccines, accounting for 29%. Seventy percent of people who are vaccinated in the United Kingdom receive the AZ vaccine. The report on the protection of the AZ vaccine against the Delta variant has not yet been released. Scientists have warned that the United Kingdom may face a third wave of epidemics. By mid-July, the number of new cases per day may exceed 80,000 cases.
        Britain originally set the 21st of this month as the "Freedom Day" for unblocking, and Prime Minister Johnson will announce the 14th to extend to July 19. Johnson has always supported unblocking, but the surge in cases of the Delta variant first discovered in India forced him to be cautious.
        The number of new cases in UK dropped to less than 2,500 people a day last month. However, in the past week, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK increased by 40.2%. On the 13th, more than 7,000 new cases were added, and another eight people died.
        According to statistics from the Department of Public Health of the United Kingdom, more than 90% of the confirmed cases in the UK are caused by the Delta variant virus. There are a total of 39,061 cases in England, 2035 cases in Scotland, 184 cases in Wales, and 43 cases in Northern Ireland.
        The Ministry of Public Health report pointed out that the infectivity of the Delta variant in the home is 64% higher than that of the Alpha variant virus first discovered in Kent, England, and the infectivity is 40% higher outdoors.
        According to a study by the University of Florida, the six new coronavirus vaccines currently approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) can provide almost 100% protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death, but they have poor protection against variant viruses. Pfizer vaccine has better protection against Alpha variants and Beta variants found in South Africa. The key is to finish the two doses.
        At present, the vaccine AZ administered in the UK accounts for about 70%. Preliminary data shows that after two doses of the AZ vaccine, the protection against the Delta variant is 60%, and the protection against the Alpha variant is 66%. Scientists warn that it is unclear whether a vaccine can prevent severe illness and death.


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