Eye floaters treatment by TCM meridian conditioning

Eye floaters treatment by TCM meridian conditioning

        Today's article is a traditional Chinese medicine physician's experience in treating eye floaters. I share it with friends who have eye floaters but are helpless. I hope it can help.
        This Chinese medicine practitioner is always working; he can always encounter some people asking him some questions about his body; a few people complain to him for a period of time as if something is flying in front of him, or there is a cloud floating in front of him, or It seems that the eyes are blocked by something. Their vision is getting blurred, and it's getting harder and harder to look at things.

        In this case, he often thinks of the phrase "the liver governs the tendons to open up the eyes"; some time ago, he received a patient with cervical spondylosis, and by chance, her eye floaters were cured;
        One morning he received a call from a patient, saying that the elderly in the family had a cervical spondylosis, and the symptoms of dizziness and nausea were obvious. She could not get up while lying in bed, and asked him if he could go to the house for treatment; he responded. Go to the patient's home, look at the person lying in bed with his eyes closed, and then ask the patient in detail about the time and symptoms of the patient's onset; apply the principles of post-treatment and pre-treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and use massage techniques to treat the patient's neck; The Jue Yin Meridian and Hand Shao Yin Meridian are used to dredge the meridians; within half an hour, the patient can do it on her own and shake her head left and right;
         During the second treatment, she reported a situation; she said that there were a lot of flying insects in the eyes before, but there were a lot less in the past few days; this news made him very excited; recalled the first conditioning process; thought it should be dredging The reason for the Hand Jue Yin Meridian and the Hand Shao Yin Meridian; and then focus on the key dredging of these two meridians;
        It took five times, and years of eye floaters were healed, which made him feel refreshed! In the following period, clinical practice was carried out for patients with eye floaters before, and the effect was very good. Only one person is too old, and the effect of serious eye problems is average.
        The main symptoms of these patients, as mentioned earlier, are the main symptoms of these patients in front of them. As mentioned earlier, they are flying mosquitoes and mists in front of them, and they cannot see clearly at all. Modern medicine diagnosis is often cataract, vitreous turbidity and the like.
His specific flow operation process is as follows:
        The first step is to ask a doctor about the age, the severity of the symptoms of eye floaters, and whether there are other symptoms.
        The second step is to palpate the entire meridian of the San Yin meridian of the hand to find the joints of the tendons and the painful spots to clear them.
        The third step is to massage and pat the two armpits and large tendons of the chest
        In the fourth step, he looked for the tendons and tenderness points in the three meridians of the foot Tai Yin, the foot Jue Yin, and the foot Shao Yin kidney on the inner calf;
        The fifth step is to relax the muscles around the eyes;
        His theories are based on the principles of "the liver governs the tendons and open up to the eyes", "the long-term vision hurts the blood and labors to the heart", "the upper disease is treated under the control", and "the liver has evils and sinks in the arms".
        If your family and friends have dry eyes for a long time, your eyes are like clouds and fog, or there are dark shadows flying in front of you. It can be dredged according to his conditioning method.

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