Can diabetics soak their feet by mugwort leaves?

Can diabetics soak their feet by mugwort leaves?
Can diabetics soak their feet by mugwort leaves?

        Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed is a very pleasant thing. Soaking the feet with mugwort leaves or other Chinese medicinal materials has obvious health effects. Can diabetes patients soak their feet by mugwort leaves?
        Diabetes patients can use traditional Chinese medicine mugwort leaves to soak their feet. It is theoretically assumed that mugwort leaves are a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which has a certain health effect of expanding peripheral blood vessels and improving foot microcirculation. Some herbs that can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, can be used by mugwort leaves, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Flos Carthami,etc.
        The foot bath with herbs not only has the function of promoting blood circulation, but also can penetrate the skin under the action of warm water. It is sufficient, but because diabetic patients have poor resistance to bacteria, the water temperature should be the same as the body's temperature. If it is too high, it is easy to cause damage to the skin, and the skin of diabetics can easily cause bacterial infections, resulting in diabetic feet.
        The length of time is also important for diabetics when they soak their feet. Pay attention to the time scale of soaking, usually about 20 minutes. And the time to soak your feet should be one hour apart after dinner. Diabetes patients should carefully observe whether there are wounds or small cracks in their feet before foot bathing. If there are any, it is best not to soaking their feet. Because there are several possible infections after foot bathing, it is best to go to the hospital for wound treatment.
        Also note that, don't test the temperature by hand or foot, use a thermometer or ask your relatives or friends to do it for you. After washing, dry with a soft towel, and then carefully check whether there are any wounds on the legs and feet. If you find any wounds, you must take a lot of them in time. In order to soak their feet comfortably, patients constantly add hot water, and it is easy to burn their feet. If they are not properly cared for after the burn, infections are prone to occur. Many diabetics have difficulty in healing their feet after infection, and even require amputation in severe cases.

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